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Listicle is a modern article that is written as a list.

One of many things that point out just how very modern I am. I carry everything I know or do in a tiny iPhone. Majority of my friendships began online. I created an Instagram account for my son before I taught him how to tie his shoes. I haven’t stepped into a bank since I opened my account. I read my news on Twitter, weather via apps and I can find an answer to anything by telling my male Siri to do so. I am anything but old style.

Except in the past few years, but mostly in 2013 I have really been thinking a lot about how much better my life would be if I went back to how I learned life was when I was little. It seems like such a waste that I was trained a certain way of life by my parents only to discard it for a modern version. My grandpa spend countless afternoons teaching me how to utilize 12 volumes of Encyclopedia. Wonder if Google search for Encyclopedia comes back as Wikipedia?

So I will write a list of ten of many things that I do daily that would be so much better if I did them differently. I am sure that by the time I am done it will be plain to see that it is just convenience and habit that are preventing me from doing so. Maybe it is a step in the right direction. Wonder what you think of this week’s listicles?

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1. I love my iPhone. I think if I died today they would mention it in my eulogy. Possibly bury me with it so I can Google directions to afterlife. I think if I limited my time on my phone I would be so much more productive every day. Actually I know I would!

2. Drive thru. I get my coffee from Starbucks sometimes and I feel bad for sitting in the queue with the engine on, seeing people go in and out with their order faster on foot. And let’s be honest: i
f you cannot afford the time to your beverage or food to sit down and enjoy it you should not be consuming it anyway.

3. House. We live in a home that has more space then we need. By American standards it is small, by European standards it is big and by African standards it is a size of an Elementary school. We heat up rooms we never use. We have a bathroom for each family member. I could go on and on about how inefficient our living arrangement is. Specially since we strive to be home as little as possible.

4. Naturally our house is in a suburbia. Neither here nor there. We have a little land but cannot grow anything useful or keep a horse on it. We are not in town or out in the country so we must drive if we want to buy food or hike. Or go ride our horse. We have plenty of space to dry our laundry ( my grandma only had a little balcony ) but we are not allowed to hang it outside. So compared to an apartment I grew up in we have no further benefits living in a huge house with land. Only more spendings and responsibilities.

5. I have an insane amount of clothes. No idea how all this accumulated. I have a t-shirt for every situation, weather condition, occasion. I only rotate between four of them, maybe. And I cannot fit into half of them, for sure.

6. I ate a banana for breakfast. Cause they are known to grow in Washington state in October. Don’t even get me started on how awful consumption of food in modern day is. But I am so used to enjoying my fruit anytime of the year it is one thing I have not switched to local yet. Shame on me.

7. Things. Things. Things. Everywhere things. I spend little time I have left when I am not fiddling on my phone tidying up toys, kitchen, clothes, things. Seriously, why do we need so many things? Have you seen a nun’s room? And they are perfectly fine. The only place in my house that resembles that is the sink.

8. Communication. Even I have gossiped with my neighbor via text! Seriously, we live across the road from each other.

9. Convenience. We barely make an effort to do anything cause there is an app or a service for everything.

10. Scratching my head trying to come up with number ten clearly means that I am too comfortable with my dishwasher, robot vacuums, electric toothbrush, Amazon prime and stuff to admit I can do without. Ups.

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  1. Diane October 27, 2013 at 19:26 #

    Twitter: dkotucker
    I laughed at number 8! I know people who text/FB/tweet while they are in the same house!!! 😀 Great topic…may just have to get back on the Listicles “horse”. Baahaahaaa…do you see what I did there???
    Diane recently posted..Ten Things of Thankful #3

  2. Jennifer Hall October 27, 2013 at 19:30 #

    Twitter: JenAnnHall
    You should totally sell your house and buy horse land! I know, easier said than done.
    Jennifer Hall recently posted..An Interview with a Thirteen Year Old

    • Stasha October 27, 2013 at 22:51 #

      Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      I really hope we do. One day…

  3. Tommy moon October 27, 2013 at 20:06 #

    An awesome list and definitely something I give a lot of thought to, as well. We’ve become so complacent and addicted to convenience. #8 hits close to home with me, too. I can’t count on one hand the number of times in any given day that I talk to my kids via text while we’re all home, just in different parts of the house. And I live in a very small house. It’s a shame, I think.
    Thanks for a gret list!

    • Stasha October 27, 2013 at 22:50 #

      Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Ha. Don’t feel bad. My husband comments on my Facebook status as he sits across from me.

  4. darcelle October 27, 2013 at 20:11 #

    Don’t feel guilty about the Starbucks thing cause honestly they are faster on the drive thru then they are inside. Had to wait twenty minutes inside for a pre-made tea to be poured into a cup. I watched the car I would have been behind get their stuff and go, ten minutes before I got my tea. Your clothes, well you usually look fabulous that take an effort and a large closet. The mint you grow came in very useful. You taught me something because I didn’t know we couldn’t hang our clothes out in the back to dry. Are there laundry police?

    • Stasha October 27, 2013 at 22:51 #

      Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Our relator told us we cannot hang the laundry in this neighborhood. I never dared question it. Really, what would happen?!

  5. Marie October 27, 2013 at 20:16 #

    Twitter: MarieMiracles
    Wow Stasha–interesting to see what a similar, nostalgic view we took with this topic. I too would be better off if I spent less time on my iPhone and online!

  6. Bruna October 27, 2013 at 20:35 #

    Twitter: beeswithhoney
    I cannot be less modern about things, especially my iphone!
    Bruna recently heart song

  7. Debra October 27, 2013 at 20:57 #

    Twitter: WWJD50
    You always make me laugh…I can relate to more than one on your list! 😉

  8. Alison October 27, 2013 at 22:55 #

    Twitter: AlisonSWLee
    I love my modern conveniences. I think I appreciate life more BECAUSE I know that it’s made so much easier for us by technology. I never take for granted all the things that wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t because of electricity etc.

    However, I still wash dishes by hand. No dishwasher for us :)
    Alison recently posted..That Time I Lost My Shit

  9. karen October 28, 2013 at 02:00 #

    Twitter: mrs_karenc
    great list…so many things we rely on and don’t realize it. I always text gossip…it’s so bad.
    karen recently posted..Put the phone down…

  10. [email protected] Mom October 28, 2013 at 03:26 #

    Twitter: copilotmom
    So many conveniences they can almost get too complicated, can’t they? It’s interesting considering so mny things seemed simpler in years gone by.

  11. Alisa Rhineart October 28, 2013 at 03:54 #

    Twitter: sogirleatsclean
    Great Post Stasha! Love 3, 6 and 8!!! The older I get the more I feel the need to simplify! What’s life all about anyway? Relationships…. not stuff! :) Thanks for sharing and reminding me!
    Alisa Rhineart recently posted..Pear Salad….. Better Than My Mom’s And More Nutritious Too

  12. Ashlee October 28, 2013 at 10:52 #

    I’m all modern except for when it comes to filing. I’m a paper girl, and probably always will be. Even if I’m too late to send a check and am forced to pay online, I print out my confirmation page and file it.

  13. Liz October 28, 2013 at 19:42 #

    I love it!! Such a great list! I can relate to so many of those and I certainly cannot cope without my iPhone… and my iPad (which I use more for Instagram.
    Sorry I haven’t visited for a while. Life really got in the way with my knee surgery, the DVT in my leg, our wonderful holiday gift from my parents and my up coming shoulder surgery. I had neglected my blog terribly and I don’t even post on Instagram everyday. Now I’m back to blogging and sharing my holiday snaps. :)

    Have a great week, my virtual friend.
    Liz recently posted..Holidaying in Northern NSW: Part 5

  14. Tamar October 29, 2013 at 17:55 #

    I try to be as minimalist as possible. Always asking myself – do I need it? I also live in a 500 sq ft apartment with 2 closets. Space is a premium!

    I now feel guilty for the bunch of bananas on my counter. I try to eat local and seasonably, but bananas….so….good….
    Tamar recently posted..Veggie Pakoras

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