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And we are back.

We went on a really fun, quick camping trip this weekend. OK, it was glamping and it was great! Just what I needed to mend my broken heart. Because early Friday night, as the new iPhone went on sale I had it in my shopping cart within a minute of it being released! Happy as Larry with my $300 saved up I was about to have a dream come true. And then my wireless provider to whom we have been loyal for years, decided to bully me into changing my monthly plan in order to buy the phone. I said no and now I am sad to report I cannot buy a new phone yet. But Apple assured me they will roll out unlocked phones soon and I look forward to rocking up the largest data usage known to humanity one day as a thank you to my ungrateful provider. Meh. I couldn’t be bothered to prove a point really. But I do think that large corporations are wrong to not appreciate a good customer. End of rant.

So I was going to write about ten things I look forward to doing with my new iPhone but now I will do even better. Because real life is so much more fun then online version. Right?

Next week Ashlee calls for

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Have a happy life.

Specially as an adult.

2. Bring home his first of many A’s.

I know most people say we should not wish for our children to be a certain kind of student and celebrate their grades whatever they are. But I want my son to be an A student. Because it is achievable and I want him to love studying and be proud to want to do well.

3. Finding love.

I look forward to my son falling in love. Be it once or over and over again.

4. Finding peace.

That overwhelming feeling that everything is the way it should be. I hope he has it every day.

5. Find his dream.

Although seeing him dream big will be plenty for me.

6. Be successful.

Whatever it will be that my son will be successful in I look forward to him enjoying it.

7. Admit I am right.

Cause I usually am.

8. Everything the first time I ask him to.

Before I seek therapy to deal with my constant nagging.

9. Make me a cappuccino.

I bet he already could but I am afraid to get locked up for letting a five year old steam milk.

10. Tie his shoes.

PLEASE!!!!!! I will give up coffee for a week if he can finally crack this one.

20 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: bocafrau
    Uhm, when you get #8 accomplished please let me know your secret because I am still waiting for that one – and my oldest is almost 13!!! 😉 Also, not to discourage you but for some reason it took my boy a loooooong time to be able to tie his shoes. The girls not so much!
    Susi recently posted..Pic of the day (9/22/13) – via #Pressgram

  2. Twitter: littleredhens
    Hi Stasha, It took both my kids a long time to learn tying shoelaces. They both do it differently from me. I think it is something he will get and you will not even remember that struggle because he will be on to a new one. I love the steamed milk joshing. Oh, if my kids made me coffee I would stand on my head! Your son is a lucky one. And you are lucky, too! We ordered the new iPhone for our niece in Thailand for a college graduation gift! We get to play with it for one month before my in-laws go see her. You know, to test it out….

  3. Twitter: MarieMiracles
    Love the term “glamping”!

    This is a much better list than what you would be looking forward to with your new iPhone!

    Shoe tying is a challenge for boys. Even my older boys, who know how to do it, prefer to wear slip-ons or keep their shoes tied and just jam their feet into them. Drives me crazy, but can’t blame them for feeling lazy about it! 🙂 The little one (age 7) doesn’t know yet, but he never wears shoes that need to be tied…so he’ll probably be 12 before he learns!! haha!
    Marie recently posted..10 things I’m looking forward to

  4. Twitter: gatheringgraces
    First, sorry about the phone thing. Sucks to have your hopes crushed like that. Stupid phone companies. Don’t they already take enough money from us? And what a way to treat a loyal customer! Anywho, I hope you get your new phone soon. (Even if it is an iPhone…heh.)

    As for the list. Thanks for the prompt. Made me think positively today. In yours, I do believe 7-10 are my faves!
    Janice recently posted..Every Week Day Happiness

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