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Happy Father’s Day! Also apparently today is National Fudge day. Could this get any better?

I have just spend an unreasonable amount of time wrecking my brain to come up with a list. Jen had a great idea for us to write about 10 shows that got canceled too soon. This is such an easy task, I know. Except I don’t watch TV. The few shows I love ran on for so long ( Mad about you comes to mind) that I cannot ad to this list. The rest are still running, like Modern Family. So I am totally stuck. But I pulled through. I bet as I start reading your lists I will be slapping my forehead silly remembering them all.

That is why next week’s suggestion is an easy peasy one for me. Thank you Heather:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Suburban Shootout / Channel 5 UK

It only lasted 2 seasons but to this day it is one of my favorite shows ever.

2. Fraiser / NBC

I know 10 years makes this one of the longest running sitcoms ever but I think we could have watched it forever.

3. Arrested Development / FOX, Netflix

It is really funny. Why did they cancel it again?

4. Bored to Death / HBO

Best show ever. I cannot believe they x-ed it after 2 seasons!

5. Close to Home / CBS

I only watched the first season. It came on every afternoon while I was recovering from knee surgery couch bound. I remember I liked it and then never saw it aired anywhere else again.

6. Lie to me / Fox

It’s Tim Roth. Everything he acts in is golden!

7. Bolji život / RTS

I watched that show every Sunday evening with my family growing up and I remember how sad we were when it ended.


OK, I am on the limb here. They rounded it up nicely. I don’t think they should have made the two movies. So I would trade those two for more seasons.

9. Northern Exposure

I feel like this could have turned into a spin off of some sort. It had great stories and was a joy to watch.

10. Life on Earth: A Natural History by David Attenborough / BBC

One of the best shows ever. The one that began my love affair with documentaries, to this day the only kind of TV that I love to watch.

24 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: mrs_karenc
    I am playing around on the computer and trying to avoid making lunches tomorrow….what a good mom…and I saw that you posted!!!!

    So I am going to link up shortly. I have never heard of some of these shows. I may have to check them out on netflix, if they are there. I do love Arrested Development, thanks to hubby.
    karen recently posted..Getting out and Father’s Day

  2. Twitter: sporadictweets
    LOL to watching Frasier forever. I was sad to see it go too. I LOVED Lie to Me. I was disappointed that it didn’t come back. I don’t know of anything else Tim Roth played in except Four Rooms – a Quentin Terantino movie. I don’t think he talked much and but he was funny. Even though that movie is old I actually recognized him when Lie to Me came out.

  3. Totally agree on Lie to me and Life on Earth!!! I’ll add Dragonfly to the list. Hum it’s tough to keep all of them in mind, I’m sure I’m forgetting something I really loved.

  4. I can’t believe you came up with Northern Exposure. Loved that show! Someone once described Arrested Development “the best show no one watches”. How true that was.

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Christine!! Where is your blog gone??!? When I click on your name it says it does not exist!!!!

  5. Twitter: jenkehl
    Thank you so much for picking my list. I was dying to do it 🙂 I had never seen suburban shoot out before, and after that clip I’m already addicted! I agree about Frasier, I still don’t get tired of the re-runs. Thanks so much for making this a reality!
    Jen recently posted..What?!! You Cancelled My Show?

  6. Twitter: momontherunx2
    Loved Frasier. The first time I felt the kids move in my belly, I was watching the episode where Frasier is showing around his girlfriend and her family and she is Jewish. Niles walks in dressed like Jesus because he is in a play. And Frasier, yells out “Jesus Christ”. I bust out laughing the kids started kicking. I kept rewinding that part so I could feel them kick. LOL.

    Julia @ Mom on the Run x2
    Julia recently posted..Monday Listicles: 10 TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

  7. I’m with you on Frasier. I maintain that ‘High Holidays’ was the best episode ever on TV. The one where Niles wants to rebel and he arranges for a pot brownie from Roz but Martin eats it without knowing? So funny!
    Erin recently posted..Shows I’m Still Missing

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