Monday Listicles

I am sure you have on occasion wondered if I am upper left enough to claim my blog name: Northwest Mommy.

Clearly I live in the Pacific Northwest so that helps. But there is more to being one of us then rain, coffee drinking, flannel wearing and indie music singing. And even though I think I am as Northwestern as a girl can be, one can never reinvent herself too often. So today we embarked on a new adventure as a family. We became geocachers. Two hours of hiking and three caches later my son is as pleased with himself as can be. And the day you see me wearing socks and Birks you will know I am officially the most PNW mama alive. Watch this space!

Thanks to Phoebe for this weeks topic. Next week is Lisa’s choice:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Being inconsiderate to others.

2. Hidden costs.

3. People that knock on your door unsolicited.

4. Telemarketers.

5. Automated customer service centers.

6. People that don’t have their minds made up as they wait in Starbucks line.

7. People that mistreat their pets.

8. People checking out at the 15 or less items when they clearly have way more.

9. Slow left lane drivers.

10. Stepping in dog poop cause someone was too lazy to pick after their pet.

Wordless Wednesday

Monday Listicles

Apparently everyone is in full Christmas mode.

I love Christmas as much as the next girl but I have mixed emotions about all the lights in the neighborhood even before Thanksgiving. Call me a Christmas grouch but it’s too early for inflatable Santas and carols. I blame it on Starbucks and their early release of Peppermint Mochas. That beverage makes people do strange things.

Growing up we put the tree up 10 days before Christmas. What do you do? Have you dusted off you Christmas ornaments already?

Thanks to Julia for this weeks topic. Next week is Phoebe calls for:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Everything is in walking distance.

2. It has a great beer store.

3. The parks.

4. The beaches.

5. It has a fantastic donut shop.

6. The parades (Veterans Day, Christmas, Independence Day and Holland Happening).

7. A 5 Minute drive to no less then 4 Washington state parks.

8. It’s patriotic.

9. It has a lit of trees.

10. The weekly farmers market.