Daily Archives: October 20, 2013

Monday Listicles

I love you.

Such a simple thing to say. But it is a big deal to say it. We use it a lot in America and it covers all aspects of warm and fuzzy feelings we have for each other and our things. I am not quick on uttering three little words because Slovenian being my first language I feel awkward saying I love yous every day. Let me explain: we have different words for romantic love, caring about someone who is not a lover, being attached to things. So ‘LJUBIM TE’ is something we say to our lover and no one else ( hopefully ). And as much as I love coffee I cannot put it in the same compartment as my husband. All you non English speakers are probably nodding your heads, right?

Anyway with all my issues about love and such I became big on showing love not saying it. And even though my husband is very subtle in showing me his emotions ( like never unloading the dishwasher cause he knows how much I enjoy doing it ) I made a list of things he does every day that remind me just how much he loves me. Hope you enjoy writing your lists of 10 ways to say I love you.

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1. He cooks for us every day.

2. He swaps the electric toothbrush head every morning after he uses it so it’s always ready for me.

3. He never questions my decisions.

4. He supports my decisions.

5. He picks up all the dog poo ( you’ve seen our dogs right? )

6. He always asks me how my day was first when he returns home.

7. He checks me out randomly. I can feel his eyes on me.

8. He knows my Starbucks order without asking.

9. He likes my photos on Instagram. Long story…

10. He tells me so. Honestly hearing ‘I LOVE YOU’ never gets old.