Daily Archives: October 17, 2013

Lost dog

On Sunday Little J and I took the dogs for a hike on our favorite trails.

As we started walking we bumped into a lady that told us there is a lost dog on the trails and we might want to keep a look out for it. A little chihuahua named Levi.

A few minutes later we ran into the owners looking for their lost dog. I took his phone number and promised we will look for it as we hike.

An hour into our hike we ran into a mountain biker looking for the dog. He said his friend went home to get help from his family and that they are eager to find Levi before dusk cause he is little and might not make it in the wild overnight.

Not long after we met a couple who has been hiking the same trail and looking for the lost dog. I love how our little community pulls together in times like these. We exchanged information about the trails we have covered and we voiced our concerns about coyotes and eagles that call these trails home. In reality this little chihuahua was likely early breakfast for the owl that Little J and I often spot on our walks.

Little J and I then talked about nature, animals and life.

Towards the end of the hike we caught up with the family of the lost dog who after 10 hours haven’t lost hope and were going back out again.

Little J looked the poor lady straight in the eyes and said: I think Levi was taken by an eagle. That’s life, my mom said. At least you still have the other two chihuahuas but it is close to dinner time you know…