Daily Archives: October 9, 2013

Better with pets

Where do I begin?

How about I just come out and say it; my lovely boys have a story to tell and I really think you will like it:

This was published today as part of a series of real life stories talking about how our lives become better with pets. You can read our story by clicking HERE.

Purina does a wonderful job inspiring pet owners to connect with their four legged friends and spend time together doing what we love most. As you can imagine we are really chuffed they asked us to be a part of this and on a more personal note I am so happy to tuck this video into my family archives as a beautiful testimony of how good our life is.

In case you were wondering, this really is us, our house and the island we live on. Julian is as cute as a button, Max is that obedient and Bruce is pure cheekiness. Everybody always says I have a very odd accent and now I can see why. And yes, my husband is hot. Back off ladies!

I promise to tell you one day what it’s like to be a star of a short movie about your child and pets ( spoiler alert: IT IS AWESOME ). But right now I am busy sending the link to all my family, friends, acquaintances, clients, PTA members, mayor, kids I went to 2nd grade with, the rude lady that sat in the 3rd office on the left at my old job and our postman from back in England. If you can think of anyone I might have missed, feel free to share.

Thank you Purina for a lovely opportunity to inspire fellow pet owners ( and chipping in with Bruce’s shipping costs- it really helped ). Big shout out to our favorite gal and production superhero from Zeus Jones who walked Bruce during his breaks ( and are the masterminds of this project ). Equally big shout out to a whole lotta good looking men from New Monarchy who envisioned and filmed this piece and made me wear bright colors every day ( I am back to black Jonathan ). And another big shout out to photographer extraordinaire Brandon Hill, who for once put me on the other side of the lens ( and introduced me to my 10000th follower on Instagram today ). Oh and my friend Amy who let us borrow some of her kids for the video! You all totally rocked my socks off.

So, are you better with pets?