Monday Listicles

Listicle is a modern article that is written as a list.

One of many things that point out just how very modern I am. I carry everything I know or do in a tiny iPhone. Majority of my friendships began online. I created an Instagram account for my son before I taught him how to tie his shoes. I haven’t stepped into a bank since I opened my account. I read my news on Twitter, weather via apps and I can find an answer to anything by telling my male Siri to do so. I am anything but old style.

Except in the past few years, but mostly in 2013 I have really been thinking a lot about how much better my life would be if I went back to how I learned life was when I was little. It seems like such a waste that I was trained a certain way of life by my parents only to discard it for a modern version. My grandpa spend countless afternoons teaching me how to utilize 12 volumes of Encyclopedia. Wonder if Google search for Encyclopedia comes back as Wikipedia?

So I will write a list of ten of many things that I do daily that would be so much better if I did them differently. I am sure that by the time I am done it will be plain to see that it is just convenience and habit that are preventing me from doing so. Maybe it is a step in the right direction. Wonder what you think of this week’s listicles?

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1. I love my iPhone. I think if I died today they would mention it in my eulogy. Possibly bury me with it so I can Google directions to afterlife. I think if I limited my time on my phone I would be so much more productive every day. Actually I know I would!

2. Drive thru. I get my coffee from Starbucks sometimes and I feel bad for sitting in the queue with the engine on, seeing people go in and out with their order faster on foot. And let’s be honest: i
f you cannot afford the time to your beverage or food to sit down and enjoy it you should not be consuming it anyway.

3. House. We live in a home that has more space then we need. By American standards it is small, by European standards it is big and by African standards it is a size of an Elementary school. We heat up rooms we never use. We have a bathroom for each family member. I could go on and on about how inefficient our living arrangement is. Specially since we strive to be home as little as possible.

4. Naturally our house is in a suburbia. Neither here nor there. We have a little land but cannot grow anything useful or keep a horse on it. We are not in town or out in the country so we must drive if we want to buy food or hike. Or go ride our horse. We have plenty of space to dry our laundry ( my grandma only had a little balcony ) but we are not allowed to hang it outside. So compared to an apartment I grew up in we have no further benefits living in a huge house with land. Only more spendings and responsibilities.

5. I have an insane amount of clothes. No idea how all this accumulated. I have a t-shirt for every situation, weather condition, occasion. I only rotate between four of them, maybe. And I cannot fit into half of them, for sure.

6. I ate a banana for breakfast. Cause they are known to grow in Washington state in October. Don’t even get me started on how awful consumption of food in modern day is. But I am so used to enjoying my fruit anytime of the year it is one thing I have not switched to local yet. Shame on me.

7. Things. Things. Things. Everywhere things. I spend little time I have left when I am not fiddling on my phone tidying up toys, kitchen, clothes, things. Seriously, why do we need so many things? Have you seen a nun’s room? And they are perfectly fine. The only place in my house that resembles that is the sink.

8. Communication. Even I have gossiped with my neighbor via text! Seriously, we live across the road from each other.

9. Convenience. We barely make an effort to do anything cause there is an app or a service for everything.

10. Scratching my head trying to come up with number ten clearly means that I am too comfortable with my dishwasher, robot vacuums, electric toothbrush, Amazon prime and stuff to admit I can do without. Ups.

Monday Listicles

I love you.

Such a simple thing to say. But it is a big deal to say it. We use it a lot in America and it covers all aspects of warm and fuzzy feelings we have for each other and our things. I am not quick on uttering three little words because Slovenian being my first language I feel awkward saying I love yous every day. Let me explain: we have different words for romantic love, caring about someone who is not a lover, being attached to things. So ‘LJUBIM TE’ is something we say to our lover and no one else ( hopefully ). And as much as I love coffee I cannot put it in the same compartment as my husband. All you non English speakers are probably nodding your heads, right?

Anyway with all my issues about love and such I became big on showing love not saying it. And even though my husband is very subtle in showing me his emotions ( like never unloading the dishwasher cause he knows how much I enjoy doing it ) I made a list of things he does every day that remind me just how much he loves me. Hope you enjoy writing your lists of 10 ways to say I love you.

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Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. He cooks for us every day.

2. He swaps the electric toothbrush head every morning after he uses it so it’s always ready for me.

3. He never questions my decisions.

4. He supports my decisions.

5. He picks up all the dog poo ( you’ve seen our dogs right? )

6. He always asks me how my day was first when he returns home.

7. He checks me out randomly. I can feel his eyes on me.

8. He knows my Starbucks order without asking.

9. He likes my photos on Instagram. Long story…

10. He tells me so. Honestly hearing ‘I LOVE YOU’ never gets old.

Lost dog

On Sunday Little J and I took the dogs for a hike on our favorite trails.

As we started walking we bumped into a lady that told us there is a lost dog on the trails and we might want to keep a look out for it. A little chihuahua named Levi.

A few minutes later we ran into the owners looking for their lost dog. I took his phone number and promised we will look for it as we hike.

An hour into our hike we ran into a mountain biker looking for the dog. He said his friend went home to get help from his family and that they are eager to find Levi before dusk cause he is little and might not make it in the wild overnight.

Not long after we met a couple who has been hiking the same trail and looking for the lost dog. I love how our little community pulls together in times like these. We exchanged information about the trails we have covered and we voiced our concerns about coyotes and eagles that call these trails home. In reality this little chihuahua was likely early breakfast for the owl that Little J and I often spot on our walks.

Little J and I then talked about nature, animals and life.

Towards the end of the hike we caught up with the family of the lost dog who after 10 hours haven’t lost hope and were going back out again.

Little J looked the poor lady straight in the eyes and said: I think Levi was taken by an eagle. That’s life, my mom said. At least you still have the other two chihuahuas but it is close to dinner time you know…