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Monday Listicles

Holly molly, welcome to August!

I guess we should start Christmas shopping soon! If there is one thing I learned from going nuts looking for the Lego police boat every day last November: shop early. Or even better, buy loads of popular toys now and sell them for twice the price in December…

Today is bitter sweet. We said goodbye to Sophie, our exchange student and I admit I cried a bit. Teenagers have that effect on people. Luckily in this day and age I believe it will be easy to stay in touch with her so I look forward to seeing where life takes her!

To recover from it all I spend the afternoon taking photos of adorable puppies that are up for adoption at the local shelter. Cuteness overload!

As an extra bonus my husband offered to do my list for me. Apparently he only needed 5 minutes to come up with impractical stuff after I struggled to find one in 6 days. Maybe I am impractical myself?

Before I tell you about next week’s listicle a big thank you to Christine for previous topic and Amanda for this week’s one. You ladies are all kinds of fabulous.

Next Monday return with: 10 RIDICULOUS THINGS I SAW ONLINE. I think between Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest there is plenty to find that really doesn’t belong there. GO!
Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. White furniture

2. Pennies

3. Newspapers for reading the news

4. A college degree in medieval and renaissance studies

5. Stilettos

6. Doggie door for a Newfoundland

7. Those doggie poop bags made available in the local town or state parks for a Newfoundland

8. Shutter shades (like those worn by Kanya West)

9. A ski resort in the desert (I.e., the one in Dubai)

10. A mini-van with a light colored interior


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