Judging Judy

Not much in this world bothers me.

I tend to be one of those people that walk away from things that pump my pressure high. And if something does bug me I try to not dwell on it. It’s just not very productive right?

But last week, while on vacation with Little J something happened that bothered me a little when it happened and now it bothers me a lot. I have been trying to let it go and in all honesty I cannot leave it behind me. So I figured I could ask you for your opinion and maybe you can give me a new perspective on it.

Here is the story:

My five year old watches documentaries obsessively. His favorite by far are about how the Earth was made, specifically about the volcanos. He has been hoping to climb one for over a year and when I planned our road trip I made sure we go to Mount St. Helens as a grand finale. There is no way we could climb to the crater but they offer helicopter flights over it. They are expensive. I mean break your piggy bank and cry for a week as you are paying for it expensive. This year I have saved all the tips from my photo sessions and took that cash with me in hope that I can treat Little J to a flyover of the volcano.

I took him up to the mountain on Saturday and he hiked patiently miles long Boundary trail in hope that clouds lift and he sees his mountain. No luck. Driving down to our camp site I stopped at the Hoffstadt bluffs to see if we can get a spot on a helicopter tour. We were greeted by the pilot who quickly offered Little J to sit in the chopper which he was so very happy about he never even realized I was actually planning on buying us a tour! Pilot said it is worth checking at the reception if there are any available flights and he explained to us that due to low clouds they will only be flying the short tour that afternoon, definitely not into the crater. Still, it would be rather amazing.

We walked into the reception to enquire and there was an older couple already negotiating with the cashier. They were going back and forth and another shop assistant asked me if she can help. I told her we were hoping to take a tour either now or the next day. She quickly realized she might make the other customers happy and suggested we join the couple to do the tour together. Turns out they got stood up by whoever they were sharing the tour with that morning and have been hoping to go up ASAP. As you can imagine the price per person is nearly half if there are four vs two passengers. I said we don’t mind going up with them so we all paid for our tickets and went back to the helipad to attend safety briefing before our flight.

Little J was so excited. I think it all happened so fast he could hardly believe his lucky stars. In a matter of minutes he will be flying in a helicopter over his volcano. He was so very happy. We sat down to fill out the paperwork and pilot told us there are 4 seats in the helicopter, 1 next to him and 3 at the back. He asked who would like to sit next to him. After a tiny pause Little J lifted his hand and said “MAY I?”

I was fine with it if it was OK with the pilot. But Judy was quick to say: “Actually I would. I have been waiting here since 10 AM and I want to sit in the front.”

As I relive it writing this I am getting mad with myself all over again. Maybe it was my upbringing, being told to always respect the elder or just my politeness but I told my son we should let the lady have the first choice. I told him he can sit at the window which will be even cooler cause we get to sit together. He was absolutely fine with it and we had a lovely helicopter ride. He never once dwelled on not sitting in the front and he still says it was the best thing ever.

But I am so disappointed with myself. I should have stood up for my son. I know I was younger then Judy but I am also a grown up, a mother and was a full paying customer. In fact if it wasn’t for us agreeing to join them her husband was not going to pay double the price for them to go solo. I keep telling myself my boy is young and there are many helicopter rides in his life. This might have been her only. I keep giving excuses for her behavior. But if I am honest with you I find it appalling that an older woman, possibly a mother and grandmother herself would take it away from a child to sit in the front of the helicopter. Specially since he claimed it fair and square. How selfish is that? It’s like going to a store and snatching the last chocolate that a kid is queuing to pay for cause you have had the munchies all day.

Am I being unreasonable and emotional? What would you have done?

Let Judy sit in the front?

Wordless Wednesday

Monday Listicles

Hi everyone.

Thank you for being patient and bearing with me as I post this week’s listicles with a delay. We just got back from an epic camping trip that took Little J and I down to Oregon and back. It was so utterly amazing I must dedicate a post to it soon. But we were totally stuck in traffic for hours today on Interstate 5 and got home 4 hours later then expected. Sorry!

I have not read any of your lists from last week because we were cut off from internet and electricity most of the time but I will do so soon. After I unpack and scrub the dirt off my cheeks. Kidding. Maybe…


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Not take a shower for three days straight. Guilty.

2. See a lady butt naked washing her privates in the sink. ( Guess some people have a harder time without showers then others.)

3. See the same lady push her two cats around the campsite in a pink stroller. ( For the record, she was a very sweet and chatty lady.)

4. Tell my kid that he is driving me nuts. ( In my defense it was after he has been repeating the same annoying mistake for 6 days straight.)

5. Drive straight through Portland . I wanted to visit it so bad but after I took a wrong turn and got stuck in traffic with google maps telling me to turn left I gave up and scratched it off my road trip.

6. Stayed at Cannon beach for only an hour. Never even visited the town, it’s shops and lovely restaurants. I think the crowds just made me want to run away.

7. Drove for what seemed like eternity with the gas light on. Beware, road 26 in Oregon has no gas stations on I reckon a 60 mile stretch or so.

8. Forgot to stop and eat in a Bosnian restaurant in Astoria which was my main motivation for this road trip.

9. Put the tent up and down 6 times in one week. Yep, I am awesome.

10. Loved every single minute of it. And I must admit, through it all my kid is pretty awesome too!