Wordless Wednesday

Monday listicles

My dear friends.

I feel like a little apology is in order. As you can see I am falling a tad behind with reading your listicles and I feel so very bad about it. Not trying to make excuses but I do have a teenager living with me and worrying about whether she is having a good time while staying with us is preoccupying 97.1% of my time. I just cannot crack her to determine if she is polite or truly having a fun even if she does look like she swallowed a lemon. My husband keeps saying that she is a teen like any other, but I am sure it’s all my fault. I really want to have our exchange student loving her time spent with us. Any advice?

While I ponder my shortcomings of being a host family, let’s share 10 PHOTOS OF LIFE WITH KIDS. This topic is courtesy of Christine. I am really excited because you know I love photos!

Next week Amanda says:


Let me see what your days look like!
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Wordless Wednesday