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Monday Listicles

Happy Father’s Day! Also apparently today is National Fudge day. Could this get any better?

I have just spend an unreasonable amount of time wrecking my brain to come up with a list. Jen had a great idea for us to write about 10 shows that got canceled too soon. This is such an easy task, I know. Except I don’t watch TV. The few shows I love ran on for so long ( Mad about you comes to mind) that I cannot ad to this list. The rest are still running, like Modern Family. So I am totally stuck. But I pulled through. I bet as I start reading your lists I will be slapping my forehead silly remembering them all.

That is why next week’s suggestion is an easy peasy one for me. Thank you Heather:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Suburban Shootout / Channel 5 UK

It only lasted 2 seasons but to this day it is one of my favorite shows ever.

2. Fraiser / NBC

I know 10 years makes this one of the longest running sitcoms ever but I think we could have watched it forever.

3. Arrested Development / FOX, Netflix

It is really funny. Why did they cancel it again?

4. Bored to Death / HBO

Best show ever. I cannot believe they x-ed it after 2 seasons!

5. Close to Home / CBS

I only watched the first season. It came on every afternoon while I was recovering from knee surgery couch bound. I remember I liked it and then never saw it aired anywhere else again.

6. Lie to me / Fox

It’s Tim Roth. Everything he acts in is golden!

7. Bolji život / RTS

I watched that show every Sunday evening with my family growing up and I remember how sad we were when it ended.


OK, I am on the limb here. They rounded it up nicely. I don’t think they should have made the two movies. So I would trade those two for more seasons.

9. Northern Exposure

I feel like this could have turned into a spin off of some sort. It had great stories and was a joy to watch.

10. Life on Earth: A Natural History by David Attenborough / BBC

One of the best shows ever. The one that began my love affair with documentaries, to this day the only kind of TV that I love to watch.

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Who makes your coffee?

Love of coffee runs in my family.

When I was in first grade my grandpa retired. During his long and successful carrier as an Army officer he probably had someone make him coffee anytime he wished for one. That task then became mine. He taught me how to ‘bake’ him a nice cup of turkish coffee every day after lunch. I would boil the water with a spoon of sugar in a little džezva, add a scoop of coffee grind, wait for it to rise, remove from the flame and return to rise again. It was as black as the night and smelled divine. Grandpa always said that if I tasted it I would grow a long tail. So without ever sampling the beverage I made and perfected one daily for most of my childhood. Sometimes he gave me a coin or two and send me to get myself ice cream from the store and sit with him while he drank it. But most of the time he sat in solitude, quietly reading the newspaper, enjoying his coffee.

Grandpa always told me coffee is one of few things in the world that is always better when someone else makes it for you. It is probably the reasons most Europeans to this day drink it in company, sitting in coffee shops, break rooms or friends houses while gossiping. Just as Brits put the kettle on for tea as soon as visitors enter their home, Slovenians boil water for coffee. It is a routine that deserves time and love. I dare say the first few promotions I got at work were largely due to making great cups of coffee for my bosses.

I love coffee. The taste, the smell, the warmth as it runs through me. I used to make myself a double espresso with milk at home but I never finished it warm. On most mornings I would drink it while making breakfast, unloading the dishwasher and answering emails. Nine out of ten times I would find a cup half empty somewhere around the house in the afternoon. And since it is suppose to be made for you, I started going to our local Starbucks. The coffee is great, don’t get me wrong. But the place itself has no soul. People don’t interact, the wireless is free so customers treat is as an office. Someone is always being called by the most absurd beverage name. In fact the main reason I order a normal latte is that if I have a heart attack right there and then I do not want them to call 911 and say: ‘Quick, send an ambulance, the Venti, Non-Fat, No Foam, No water, 6 pump, extra hot, chai tea latte just collapsed by the sugar station!’.

Anyhow I realized that sitting there is wasting precious time I do not have, so these days I go to drive thru. I order my latte which as you will recall they mostly get wrong. I hand them my own cup. They charge me nearly 4 bucks for 19 seconds of beverage making and I drink it while driving. Let’s recap: I provide the cup, the seat and $4 in exchange for a warm beverage. And later in the day I get the pleasure of washing my own cup too.

But what really made me want to write this post is that today I told my son I felt like a nice cuppa and he said : let’s drive through Starbucks after the gym. And for that my dearest grandpa I am so very, very sorry.

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Monday Listicles

Another Sunday, another Monday Listicles. OK that makes no sense…

But let’s not nitpick and do some serious list making instead. Last week we admitted to noticing some things about people as soon as we see them. Thank you Donetta for a challenge, great topic.

This week Julia asked what the 10 beauty products we cannot live without are. Honestly I am a water and soap kinda gal. But I used to be really fancy when I worked as a flight attendant. So I did a little comparison just for you and even though I expected to make fun of myself for the lack of pampering: I apparently still use a lot of the things I did ten years ago. Not as often I guess but no matter what happens I never fail to brush my teeth twice a day. That should count as beauty regime right?

Next week’s great topic brought to you by Jen

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Fancy water/ Tap water.

I lived in the dessert and tap water was actual ocean desalted. So I used bottled water, mostly Evian, to wash my face and rinse my hair. Now we even drink tap water. And for that I am grateful.

2. Dermalogica Cleansing Gel

Recommended to me by a beautician during a spa day I still love and use Dermalogica. Although I will buy Clinique or Lancome at our local store if I run out and forget to re-order online. I wash my face with a cleanser every night before bed. I have not been to a spa in a decade.

3. Creme de La Mer/ Estee Lauder DayWear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Creme SPF 15

Please don’t ask me if $200 face cream is any different from others. We were young and single and airport Duty free shops gave us discounts. Also the cream smells lovely. I now use something I can afford and has SPF. Cause really who has time to apply that separately.

4. Lancome Hypnose mascara in Black.

My first mascara was Lancome. And I still wear nothing but. Recently I stopped applying it to my bottom lashes though. I never look at myself in the mirror throughout the day and in the evening I realize I have been sporting the “panda bear look”. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing if I rubbed my eyes recently or before midday, so I decided to just do top lashes. Do you apply mascara to top and bottom or just top lashes?

5. Lip gloss / Lip treatment.

If you remember the photo of my handbag you know I had a lot of random lip glosses. In my drawer currently are 3 Lancome Juicy tubes, Mac Lipglass, 2 Clinique moisturizing glosses, 4 Fusion beauty lip plumpers and random lipsticks that came free with sets of creams. I never use any. But I do put Clinique lip treatment on in the morning after I put my face and eye cream on. And I keep some locally made chapstick in the car.

6. Body Shop Body Butter / nothing at all.

I had an unreasonable addiction to body butters. I used them twice a day and went through tubs of them every month. I have not put cream on my body in years. Who has time for that? And I am the one washing the sheets that get greasy, not the hotel staff…

7. John Frida Shampoo and Conditioner Blonde / John Frida Shampoo and Conditioner Brunette.

I changed my hair color a few months ago and I am learning to be a brunette. Also I used to use fancy hair masks, frizz serums and glosses. Nowadays I am lucky if I get 5 uninterrupted minutes in the shower so I can properly wash my hair. In fact I am sure that women that use showers in the gym are moms who just want to have some peace and quiet while washing their hair. Do your kids stand in front of shower door bugging you too?

8. DKNY for Women.

I wore this perfume my whole career. Crew used to recognize me by it. And I still wear it every day. I like the idea of a signature smell although I have a few perfumes from Bond #9 and Chanel that I wear for special, evening occasions.

9. Drugstore deodorant / Clinique Roll on.

This is the only product in my daily routine that got an upgrade from my single days. I finally got sick and tired of white streaks on my clothes and started buying fancy roll on.

10. Beauty sleep / 4 hours sleep.

I used to get a minimum of 8 hours a night, usually more. In fact there was this one time in Dhaka I slept 14 hours, ordered room service, ate and slept 10 more. I now average 5 hours a night. On a good day. And my face shows it. I really must go back to Dhaka soon…

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