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Monday Listicles

We are back from camping, safe and sound. Albeit I might never recover from all the mosquito love. They are by far my biggest fans!

Thanks for sharing your favorite photos with us last week and thank you Heather for a great idea. Before we share our listicles about SUMMER, here is next week topic, chosen by Kerry:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Rain.

2. We get to show off our glow in the dark white legs.

3. We start ordering ice coffee.

4. We take the tops off the convertibles and crank up the heat.

5. We go to the beach wearing just sweaters.

6. We put on our wetsuits to go swimming.

7. We all talk about how hot it is.

8. Sandals are finally worn on bare feet.

9. We go camping. Like this:

My friend Nola got me hooked on these Pemco commercials. They are all brilliant.

10. We are blisfuly happy.


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