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Monday Listicles

Listicle 101.

First and formost a hugely humongous thank you for celebrating centennial listicle last week. You all are really truly awesome. Hvala! Gracias! Ihe edn! تشكّرين ! 謝謝 ! Merci! Danke! ધન્યવાદ ! Grazie! धन्यवाद ! ありがとう ! Takk! Спасибо! 고마워 ! Asante sana! Salamat! ขอบคุณ ! Ngiyabonga! Dziękuję! Terima kasih!

This week we are sporting a list on what we notice about others first. I could easily write you a hundred things I don’t. Not so easy to write 10 I do, but I will try. Great suggestion Donetta, cheers.

Next week, brought to you by Julia.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Smile. Or the lack of.

2. Hands. And gestures they make with them.

3. Shoes. And if they are cared for.

4. Teeth.

5. Their eyes. And if they are making contact with me.

6. Hand shake. Specially with men.

7. If they truly want to be doing what they are doing at that moment.

8. If I will like them or not.

9. If they possess a funny bone. It’s an x-ray kind of talent I have.

10. If I would enjoy taking photos of them.

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