Monday Listicles

We are back from camping, safe and sound. Albeit I might never recover from all the mosquito love. They are by far my biggest fans!

Thanks for sharing your favorite photos with us last week and thank you Heather for a great idea. Before we share our listicles about SUMMER, here is next week topic, chosen by Kerry:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Rain.

2. We get to show off our glow in the dark white legs.

3. We start ordering ice coffee.

4. We take the tops off the convertibles and crank up the heat.

5. We go to the beach wearing just sweaters.

6. We put on our wetsuits to go swimming.

7. We all talk about how hot it is.

8. Sandals are finally worn on bare feet.

9. We go camping. Like this:

My friend Nola got me hooked on these Pemco commercials. They are all brilliant.

10. We are blisfuly happy.



You must all be wondering how my vacation is going? Very well, thank you. I even managed to find some me time and snuggle up to read this month’s LUDIQUE MAGAZINE. It is a very special issue close to my heart because it celebrates women and mothers and their ventures into mobile photography.

In case you wanted to join me in a little vacation, CLICK HERE to flip through the magazine. As always it is free and accesible from any mobile device. See you next week!


Monday Listicles

We are on vacation!

I am probably panicking with no wireless right now somewhere on a beach, wondering if this listicle posted and you all can link up. Rough life, I know. Are you going on vacation soon?

After we talked TV last week, we are sharing photos this week. Favorite photos you took in fact. I was going to wow you with some of my work photos but truthfully I love taking photos of my family with my phone and they are my favorite work. Not my best, but my most beloved. It is not easy to be photo ready with the big fancy cameras in manual mode and my family dynamics are such that only a phone or a point and shoot can catch them. Out of nearly 1700 Instagram clicks I could not choose just ten so I narrowed it down to picks from this month. Thank you Heather for a lovely topic! Cannot wait to see what your favorite photos are.

Next week the topic shall be: SUMMER. Ten things summer. Bring it on!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!