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Monday Listicles

My dear list making friends, welcome!

This is a fab week because our dog Big M turned 6. Also because our list topic today, chosen by Lisa and Ashley, is about 10 favorite Characters in movies or TV. Naturally I will combine these two happy occasions and bring you Top 10 dogs.

I wanted to say thank you again to Rachée for a fun list suggestion. I have a few more to visit but so far you all are cracking me up with these silly band names!

So here we go: Next week is our 100th listicle. Seriously, 100!!!!! So I believe a list on why listicles are great is in order. Or anything else you fancy making a list about. It is a party and everyone is invited!

But first, favorite screen characters:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Jakob from Sreca na vrvici

2. Lassie from Courage of Lassie

3. Beethoven from Beethoven, Beethoven 2nd …

4. Rex from Kommisar Rex

5. Falcor from NeverEnding story

6. Sam from I am legend

7. Hooch from Turner & Hooch

8. Benji from Benji

9. Eddie from Frasier

10. Snoopy from Charlie Brown

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