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Monday Listicles

Happy Mother’s day everyone!

I hope you got to spend it with your children or your mom or a really special lady in your life. Or better yet all of the above! Reading your lists this week about 10 things that are free and you love really put me in a great mood! Thank you Kristi, what a lovely way to celebrate Mother’s Day.

We are on our way to a party so I am publishing this week’s listicles a little early. Also I had two slices of pie already so my brain might go into mush by this evening. It was so hard to choose only 10 horrible band names because once I looked at my husband’s CD collection I realized that most band names are kind of silly. The worst part about it is that after I consulted Wikipedia about the origins of some of the names I saw that most of these were replacement for even worst original names of the band. Seriously. Queen was originally called Smile and Pink Floyd was Tea set. Thank you Rachée for a fun list suggestion.

Next week the topic comes from Lisa and Ashley:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Hootie and The Blowfish

The band’s name originated from two of Darius Rucker’s childhood acquaintances. There were two boys in Rucker’s childhood choir group–one with owl-like eyes (Hootie) and the other with puffy Blowfish-like cheeks. Though Rucker is commonly thought of as Hootie and the other members as the Blowfish, Rucker has clarified multiple times that he is not Hootie, and the other band members are not the Blowfish. The band name is completely separate from the band members.

2. Hoobastank

The name Hoobastank is an old high-school joke between band members. The word doesn’t really have too much meaning.

3. Chumbawhamba

While there are many speculations, the band generally answers that it is a gibberish word, meaning nothing.

4. Limp bizkit

Apparently they chose a name that would repel people on purpose.

5. Stone Temple Pilots

Inspired by the STP Motor Oil stickers that the band members were fans of in their youth, various spins on the initials “STP” were tossed around, including “Shirley Temple’s Pussy”. They eventually settled on the name Stone Temple Pilots

6. Nickleback

Its name originates from the nickel in change that band member Mike Kroeger gave customers at his job at Starbucks; he would frequently say, “Here’s your nickel back.”

7. Smashing pumpkins

No meaning behind it the band members say.

8. Spandau Ballet

Name refers to Spandau Prison and the many hangings there when the victims would twitch and jump at the end of a rope.

9. Sum 41

The band started 41 days into summer.

10. Right said Fred

Really I just wanted you to get this tune stuck in your head. You are welcome ;)

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