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Mightee kids

Let us start with a disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

Sometimes I run into incredible things. Simple, yet life changing things. I see the potential, I get involved and I feel an overwhelming need to share it with the world.

I have openly spoken before about my difficulties with being charitable. Over years I supported causes I was passionate about only to realize that I had a lot of reservations about how the business of helping was being run. Recently I broke off my long standing monthly contribution to a major charity organization because they kept sending me elaborate mail. I felt like they are pouring all the money I send them into postage and printing and not the children that needed help. Yet I really want to help. And more importantly I want my son to grow up being kind, compassionate and willing to help.

And then Mightee kids came along. To say that I love this company and what they stand for is an understatement. The plan is simple: every month they design a cute T-shirt with a certain cause in mind, send it to your child along with a lovely card that helps you explain what that particular charity stands for. From every T-shirt sold $5 goes to that cause. They bring awareness to many smaller, unknown charities which have great impact to less fortunate children around the world. Not to mention the shirts are beyond adorable too!

I am sure you will all agree it is a great idea. But what really struck a cord with me was Little J’s response to the first T-shirt we received. He was eager to discuss autism after I read him the card and explained how the T-shirt we bought will help other children. He wore it proudly and talked about how he helped someone at his show and tell in Preschool. He even offered to pitch in for next month’s T-shirt! And because it is something he will wear often it is a great reminder in his life how he too can make a difference in this world.

As you probably gathered by now I am bias. I think this is a perfect gift for your child, for your child’s friends and to take to the next baby shower you are invited to. It is a gift that will keep giving. So it really is a gift for you. Because nothing feels as good as doing good.

For all you rushing over to Mightee Kids website I have a little surprise! They gave me a code for free shipping to share with you during the month of May for your first tee.

Enter northwestmommy at the checkout.

Now go and be Mightee!

For all you eager to share this great cause you can stay in touch with Mightee kids on Facebook and Instagram too.

Beware: being Mightee is known to cause extreme happiness! As shown here:


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