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You must be joking

9 out of 10 women will choose a man with a sense of humor over a man with good looks, the recent study reveled.

I picked up Little J from preschool and he seemed a tad under the weather.

Little J: Mommy I need you to cheer me up.

Me: OK, what do you have in mind?

Little J: How about we drive down to Seattle, have some sushi and stop by the Lego store?

Me: Hmmm. How about I tell you a joke instead?

Little J: We are not going shopping right?

Me: No.

Little J: OK, let’s see if jokes work.

We stopped by to gas up the car and decided to go through the car wash. My two fool proof jokes did not do the trick so I quickly googled ‘kid friendly jokes’ and fired top 30 one after another. I must admit there were some great ones that even made me laugh. Like: what did zero say to an eight? Nice belt!

Little J and I took turns and he was countering every joke I delivered with one he made up on the fly. I am his mother and you know I love him more then the universe but boy oh boy. The kid cannot tell a joke to save his life.

Me: Why did the chicken cross the playground? To get to the other slide.

Little J: What did the zebra use to cross the road?

Me: ( sounds promising…) What?

Little J: A stick and a car.

Me: Hmmmmm… I don’t get it.

Little J: To balance across the stick and use the car to get to the other side.

Me: ???!!???!!!!!!!!!!!!??

For the record: my son is very, very witty. But jokes are not his thing. Luckily he is handsome. Let’s hope all those women were being polite when they said funny wins over good looking…

Do not download.

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