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Monday Listicles

Happy spring everyone!

I know lots of you are still shoveling snow but it is officially spring so be happy. Our island is like clockwork and buds are out in full force, gray whales are back and days are longer. Hope you found some inspiration to write a spring list. I asked my 5 year old son today while hiking what he is looking forward to about spring. Most of his answers are about staying in the backyard and clothes. Who knew?

I see everyone loved last week’s topic and wrote lovely reasons why your partner is awesome. Thank you The Bonny Bard for giving us a fantastic way to celebrate our loves.

Next week the topic for the list comes from Kerry, but I toned it down a little. 10 PLACES YOU KISSED.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Don’t have to dress warm.

2. Get to wear my favorite t-shirts.

3. People will explore wild nature more.

4. Nice hats not warm hats.

5. We go to beaches more often.

6. Back yard playing.

7. Water sprinklers.

8. Gardening and growing stuff.

9. Easter egg hunt.

10. Jumping in muddy puddles.


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