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Monday Listicles

Have you heard of places with no internet and no cell reception?

Seriously, they exist. We went on a skiing vacation in one of the best resorts our beautiful state has to offer this week. Amazing time, amazing place, great skiing. But NO twitter, facebook, Instagram, blogging! I could not google things and we called from a landline every morning to check the snow conditions on the mountain. In case you are unsure what house phone looks like:

Because it was the first time ever for my 5 year old son to see me use it!

Anyhow I taught Little J how to ski and play chess without an app and Big M found a bear without google maps. My husband did not irritate me in the least and we actually had a great time. So for this week’s listicle, chosen by The Bonny Bard I decided to narrow down 10 ways my partner’s awesome to just this past week. Cause you all already know my husband is sexy and kind and a great dad and writes my listicles for me and… So let me tell you some of the great things he did while on leave. And what makes your partner awesome?

Also due to no internet situation I am a little behind on reading your lists of 10 fantastic smells Kerry called for last week. I will catch up, promise. Thank you Kerry for a great suggestion.

Next week, how about a list of 10 things spring.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. He grows a great beard.

2. He walks our dog in pouring rain.

3. He does most of the cooking.

4. He let me have extra alone skiing time.

5. He cleaned out the garage.

6. He did not talk about work at all.

7. He says cool old school stuff like: Listen to your mother son!

8. He chopped wood and made a fire just for me.

9. He said my hair looks great a few times this week.

10. He really stepped up yesterday morning when I double booked myself by mistake.

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