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Coco and Nut

I bet you are all dying to find out how our New year’s resolution to eat local is going?

Well two months since we decided to eat food we can clearly see the origins from, that is either grown or produced in our state or is unprocessed and sourced as it would be back in the olden days: WE ARE GOING STRONG. And loving it. I have lost weight, but more importantly my body is getting back in shape. I dare say somewhere deep in there I can spot first two of the six pack. Could just be a shadow from the bathroom light but I think it looks great(ish). It is surprisingly easy to shop and I cannot say that we have been spending much more money then we used to. We are yet to add chicken to our diet because we cannot find local farm that raises them for other then eggs but otherwise we are having no troubles at all. I have discovered so many wonderful products even in our local supermarket that are made exactly the way they were back when back ( I am looking at you Nancy ). We have juice or two every day that I make fresh in our juicer, which is really not that much bother to clean once you get the hang of it. I now make waffles from scratch for Little J’s breakfast that really are no trouble at all and I am ‘forced’ to bake our own deserts.

My husband is the one doing all the food shopping. He says he enjoys it. The other day boys asked for rusks. My friend Danielle’s husband’s family has had this recipe for generations and the legend has it that Dutch would take these into battle as a snack back when they were conquering South Africa. They are delicious and keep forever. Danielle used to bake me a batch every month but she finally broke the family code and gave me the recipe. Anyhow among other things they call for coconut flakes. So I added those to the shopping list, but told my husband to please look for unsweetened, unsulfered, natural flakes.

He came home and handed me a coconut.

I must admit I have never seen a coconut like that and I had no idea what to do with it. So I googled it and found a video:

Yeah, useless. But I thought I would share it with you ladies anyway.

Now this one is a bit better:

Guess what: it worked!

Although next time I am totally cutting it topless with a machete!

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