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Official complaint

Today was the best Valentine’s day ever.

Little J’s preschool organized parents time out between 4 to 8 so that we could celebrate the day of love. My husband had a class so I was left home alone. I napped. Then I ate cheese. It was marvelous.

Apparently Little J did not share the same enthusiasm about his evening. When I picked him up he got in the car and said:

‘Mommy this parent time out was not what I expected. There were no boys, just girls tonight. You know how girls are. All crazy about me, running behind me and bugging me. I had no peace and no time for myself. Then we did two art projects. Not one, but two. That was too much, I felt like I was in school, but without any boys. And then we watched a movie I did not like. It was all mushy and full of princesses. Lucky for me the pizza was tasty. But no dessert after dinner. Really I think you must tell Miss K that this time she did not win my heart with the party. Next time we need to check the schedule before you sign me up. If there are heart projects and pink, I am not going.’

He had some other complaints, but I tuned him out. Frankly he was killing my cheese buzz.

Five year olds are a tough crowd to please…

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