Coco and Nut

I bet you are all dying to find out how our New year’s resolution to eat local is going?

Well two months since we decided to eat food we can clearly see the origins from, that is either grown or produced in our state or is unprocessed and sourced as it would be back in the olden days: WE ARE GOING STRONG. And loving it. I have lost weight, but more importantly my body is getting back in shape. I dare say somewhere deep in there I can spot first two of the six pack. Could just be a shadow from the bathroom light but I think it looks great(ish). It is surprisingly easy to shop and I cannot say that we have been spending much more money then we used to. We are yet to add chicken to our diet because we cannot find local farm that raises them for other then eggs but otherwise we are having no troubles at all. I have discovered so many wonderful products even in our local supermarket that are made exactly the way they were back when back ( I am looking at you Nancy ). We have juice or two every day that I make fresh in our juicer, which is really not that much bother to clean once you get the hang of it. I now make waffles from scratch for Little J’s breakfast that really are no trouble at all and I am ‘forced’ to bake our own deserts.

My husband is the one doing all the food shopping. He says he enjoys it. The other day boys asked for rusks. My friend Danielle’s husband’s family has had this recipe for generations and the legend has it that Dutch would take these into battle as a snack back when they were conquering South Africa. They are delicious and keep forever. Danielle used to bake me a batch every month but she finally broke the family code and gave me the recipe. Anyhow among other things they call for coconut flakes. So I added those to the shopping list, but told my husband to please look for unsweetened, unsulfered, natural flakes.

He came home and handed me a coconut.

I must admit I have never seen a coconut like that and I had no idea what to do with it. So I googled it and found a video:

Yeah, useless. But I thought I would share it with you ladies anyway.

Now this one is a bit better:

Guess what: it worked!

Although next time I am totally cutting it topless with a machete!

Monday Listicles

That’s it. February is coming to an end!

I even noticed some buds on the trees today. There is a possibility spring is coming. One of many things that make me happy is seasons changing. And listicles! I loved reading about little joys you have. Thank you Wendy from Stamping rules for choosing a lovely topic for us.

This week is Kerry’s turn and she calls for 10 DUMBEST PURCHASES. I asked my husband to help write mine and he said he has never bought anything he regrets. So naturally I was tempted to go in the garage and take pictures of at least 10 exhibits to prove him wrong. But then he remembered he is not perfect after all and I decided to act like a perfect wife instead and wrote my own list.

Before you admit to spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave getting a hula girl tattoo, let me tell you what we are writing about next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Cacti

I really thought that was the kind of plant I cannot kill. Then I over watered them. 5 out of 12 and counting…

2. Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G

I am a portrait photographer. This is not really a portrait kinda lens. I got it for a bargain 2 years ago. I have not used it yet…

3. Any at home hair coloring kit.

For me it never turns out anything like the picture on the box. EVER.

4. Any gift for my husband that requires participation on his end.

Tickets to the concert. Never used. Driving a Porsche on a famous race course. Never used. I am a fast learner though…

5. High waisted acid washed jeans.

Trust me on this one. 80’s fashion does not grow better with age.

6. Any kind of ab machine.

Husband and I had his and hers versions from back when we were single. At least I have thrown mine away by now.

7. Anything that promises to make your skin look younger.

Nothing can replace healthy diet and a good nights sleep. Even if it does cost $200 and smells divine.

8. Any toy your child asks for after he has seen it on TV. Or at his friends.

It will be popular exactly 1 hour 12 minutes. Then never used again.

9. Green bananas.

They will stay green forever. Then they will ripe overnight to a horrible state and if you notice it early enough they might make it into banana bread. But more likely they will be a very expensive compost filler.

10. Anything sold AS SEEN ON TV.

Impulse purchase at it’s finest. Husband admits to these. I am yet to succumb.


Looking at cacti in my office one will come to the obvious conclusion. I am getting older.

It is either because I am so forgetful or because I cannot see well anymore that I managed to kill plants that survive in the desert. Or maybe they just don’t like me.

Well I decided to investigate. I made an appointment with our local ophthalmologist to see if I am loosing my vision. Better that then loosing my mind right?

While I waited for the appointment I kept myself busy finding the cutest and most fashionable eyeglasses. I wasn’t going to go for cheap eyeglasses, but I wouldn’t spend a fortune on them either. I mean I have a shoe addiction and a workout clothes addiction already and having to wear glasses would surely result into me having an eyewear addiction.

Who knew buying prescritpion glasses was this easy? I visited, a great online store ( cause you know I never leave the house in order to buy anything, not even milk! ). They have the neatest feature: Virtual Mirror.

I uploaded a photo of myself and tried on most of the frames they carry. I really like glasses that give me that ‘nerdy’ look. And I loved the red frames. And the ombre colored ones. Luckily they always have great offers going on. Last week was 2 for 1, this week is 50% OFF. Because you know it is impossible to make a decision. I mean really, I could not have chosen just one pair.

photocrati gallery

Last Wednesday morning I saw the doctor and had a full eye exam. Turns out I still have a perfect vision and I overwater my cacti.

But for you my friends in the market for new glasses I have a fab coupon to take 10% off your next purchase from GlassesUSA. Just type in Blog10 at the checkout.

And please send me a photo of your new frames. I think I might have developed eyeglasses addiction anyway!

This is a sponsored post.