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Puppy Love

I mentioned on Monday Listicles that I had a photo session on Sunday at the local dog shelter.

Honestly, I was not going to write a post about it in fear I get all preachy or sappy or just plain political. It is hard not to get emotional and involved listening to Karen telling you stories of abuse and neglect these poor dogs have gone through. Really hard to say good bye and drive home without one if not all of them. I mean just look at these faces, full of love and happiness:


But all this made me think. And I wanted to say thank you. To you all who have a dog, love it and take care of it. Doesn’t matter if you saved it from a shelter or purchased it from a respectable breeder, found it in a street or fell in love with it at a store. Important thing is that you gave it home, care and the life that it deserves. I have no doubt you got tenfold in return!

There is an even bigger thank you I wanted to say. To all of you who put thought into getting a dog and choose against it. To all who considered the time, effort and money it takes to have a pet. Who honestly examined your life and realized your apartment is not big enough, your job is too hectic, you don’t make enough to feed another mouth, you don’t want to pick up poop and vacuum dog hair, you want to be able to go on a long vacation and not worry about Fido being left behind. To all of you parents who realized that puppy is not just for Christmas, that it takes much more commitment then getting a million likes on Facebook to raise and take care of an animal. One that might see it’s 15th birthday unable to reach the backyard before it pees, long after your children are partying in college. To all who stood your ground, no matter how much it hurts seeing your child’s sad face when you tell them no.

It takes as much courage to choose against having a dog as it does to take on one. If everyone made an educated decision before purchasing a pet shelters would not be full of unloved dogs who face being euthanized every day! So give yourself a pat on the back. Sometimes being the ‘bad guy’ is the best thing to do. And if you have a dog, go grab that leash. Let him take you for a walk. It is a gift many don’t have!

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