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Monday Listicles

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I had a wonderful day taking photos at a local dog shelter of adorable pups today so I am full of love and sappiness. Funny how today’s topic for Listicles, chosen by Wendy is 10 THINGS YOU THOUGHT AS A CHILD YOU WOULD DO/BE. Well I thought I was going to be a jet pilot like Tom Cruise in Top Gun, only less cocky. Didn’t work out for me, but I did marry an officer in a flight suit! Later on I fell in love with photography and today I have my own studio. Not to be presumptuous since things seem to really work out for me, but I recall dreaming about being a first female President of United States and the only thing standing in the way is a tiny little amendment to our constitution. Remember to vote for me once we have those silly rules ironed out. Where is Terminator when a girl needs one?

Before we start sharing our hopes and dreams and compare them to our grown up reality I wanted to tell you what awesomeness is in store for us next week. Ducky twitted me this

and I said sure! I might even buy myself a cute purse to follow the prompt!

Let’s get to it. I got my husband to write the list while I was at work. Isn’t he the best?

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Cowboy: The earliest career desire that I can remember.

2. Truck Driver (a.k.a. trucker or lorry driver): My grandfather played a big role in this as he was drove a Mack truck and would always blew the air horn for us when he left on a trip. From a little boy’s perspective that was awesome!

3. Police Officer: I wanted to be one of the good guys and fight crime. I am sure TV influenced this to a great degree. Shows like Adam-12, S.W.A.T. and CHIPS were an influence.

4. Undercover Detective: Still wanting to be a good guy and fight crime but I thought it was much cooler to wear civilian clothes and drive unmarked car. Again I am sure it was those 70′s and 80′s shows like Hawaii Five-O and Starsky and Hutch that influenced me.

5. FBI agent: I guess you can see a trend here. Anyone that can come onto a crime scene and say “this is our jurisdiction, get out or we will take it from here” plus wears suits has got to be better than a Police Officer or undercover detective. Well from a kids point of view I guess.

6. ARMY man: Still on track with the good guy v. bad guy theme. This was around the time I found out that FBI agents needed a college degree. Let me put it this way, I was not a big fan of school.

7. Dairy Farmer: I spend many of my earlier years working on a dairy farm doing various jobs (feeding baby cow calves, bailing hay, and feeding the cows) based on my size, maturity, and skills. Over the years I got to do a lot great jobs but at that age I was not able to drive the tractors, hay trucks or hook the cows to the milking machines yet. So I still desired to do those jobs which I thought was the whole “Dairy Farmer ” career package.

8. Tool and Die maker: This was my fathers career and lifelong trade. When he opened his own business I worked for him during the summer.

9. U.S. Navy Officer: In high school I joined the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) and my mind was opened to a world of possibilities (travel and adventure).

10. U.S. Navy Enlisted: Remember I was not a big fan of school! Naval Officers need a college degree and could not bear the though of more school after high school. I also learned that my grandfather and Great Uncle Victor had served in WWII and my uncle was currently in the U.S. Navy. So that was it… I enlisted in the U.S. Navy.

Years later after much hard work and diligence I was selected for commissioning as a U.S. Navy Officer. Ironically the commissioning program did not require a college degree. I have since knuckled under and finished my college degree.

Pie in the eye
See, dreams do come true!

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