Monday Listicles

Welcome to the last listicles of 2013.

I am so thankful for friendships we made as we shared our lists this year. It is amazing to think that we are connected by the mutual love of 10! Really looking forward to see where 2014 takes us.

As the for the theme of the first listicle of next year? How about 10 THINGS NEW.

I wish you all a New Year full of happiness, love and laughter. And chocolate. Loads and loads of chocolate!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




Canon beach, August 2013


Backyard, July 2013


First day of school, September 2013


Mt St Helens, August 2013


Hoh river, August 2013


The farm, October 2013


Home, Summer 2013


Soccer practice, Spring 2013


In the woods, Autumn 2013


Ruby beach, August 2013

Bonus selfie ( since it’s the word of the year ):

Monday Listicles

Merry Christmas week!

I cannot believe that there are but a few days left until Christmas. Is it just me or did this year just fly by? There really should be an app to slow time down, right? Then to compensate for it maybe it could fast forward when we are put on hold or waiting at the dentist?

Before I tell you what we should write about next a big thank you for sharing your Christmas memories with us. Really made me all warm and fuzzy, definitely one of my favorite listicles we wrote this year.

How about a list of ten to celebrate 2013? Anything goes…

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Nagging app

I would like an app that detects when I make a request that I am serious about. Then repeat it every few minutes until my son completes the task.

2. Blogging app

When I am having all the fabulous ideas about the blog posts I should write, there should be an app that hears them in my head them and organizes them into a funny article. As an add on I will pay extra if it will post it directly onto my blog.

3. Photo deleting app

Just a little clean up one to go through my camera roll and delete all the photos that are similar but I feel bad about erasing because of my emotional attachment.

4. Dinner cooking app

For when my husband is away and I am in charge of feeding the family. I know I am being unreasonable but a girl can dream.

5. Door opening app

To let the dogs in and out of the house bazzilion times a day instead of me.

6. Poop destroying app

Something that you point toward the dog poo at the park and it speeds up the decomposing so that it vanishes.

7. Email responding app

App that knew me so well it would respond to the countless emails I receive and then follow up by loading a summary into my brain overnight.

8. Coffee ordering app

Just a little voice over that I point towards the drive thru and tells them what I want. Cause you all know how flustered I get every time I need to order my usual.

9. Comment writing app

I would tell it what I thought of the blog post I read and it would write it for me. With no typos!

10. Yadda yadda yadda app

When I listen to someone going on and on about something I don’t care much about this app would control my facial muscles to retain an interested expression. As an add on I will pay for it to occasionally say m-hmm, yes, really? and fascinating.

Monday Listicles

I am running a little late today due to some epic night geocaching I did with the boys. So let me quickly post my listicle and invite you to join me with your Christmas memories!

Next week: 10 APPS. They say there is an app for everything, but is there really?

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. When I was 4 years old my aunt got me a very fashionable tracksuit. I was kinda hoping for toys I guess. And it was way too big for me, so I didn’t get to enjoy it anyway. Not that I actually remember all this but I remember a photo in our family’s photo album of my aunt putting on a blue tracksuit on me while I looked really miserable.

2. When I was 7 years old our cat climbed up the Christmas tree and knock it over. All of my grandma’s glass ornaments were shattered.

3. I remember going to the National opera and ballet for a Christmas performance with grandpa as a young teenager. Not sure what we saw but I think it was an operetta.I remember it was a magical night for me.

4. I got dumped by my first boyfriend during Christmas break when I was 15. Only time anyone broke up with me and we did get back together a month later. But he really broke my heart at the time. I dumped him 7 years later so I guess we are even.

5. My first year working abroad I got 3 days off over Christmas and I took an 8 hour flight to Frankfurt, 10 hour train ride to Ljubljana and a bus drive to the hospital my grandpa was admitted to after stroke to surprise him. I traveled back a few hours later so I could get back to Bahrain in time for work.

6. I worked all the Christmases during my flying carrier. My favorite was a trip to Katmandu I was called out from standby to do a day before Christmas. The hotel had the biggest and prettiest Christmas tree which I did not expect so it really made me happy when I entered lobby. So many wonderful memories from that trip.

7. I bought our first Christmas tree on sale in a shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur. We still use it 8 years later. I put it up in our apartment and surprised Jason as he returned from deployment just in time to celebrate our first Christmas together.

8. Little J was born just in time for the holidays and shared his first Christmas with Max sleeping under the Christmas tree. Cannot believe they were both small enough to fit under there.

9. We spend Boxing day with our neighbors in England our last year there and it was a very special day. Miss them so.

10. Last year we drove by Santa riding on the firetruck and we flagged him down stopping all the traffic so Little J could visit him! After all that trouble my son declared that he has no desire to hang out with a man dressed up as Santa, no matter how real he might look. I was really embarrassed explaining to Santa my five year old is over him.