Whale song

Living in the Sound, my son’s love for whales comes as no surprise.

At any given day a pod of orcas will be spotted on the left side of our island and in spring greys feed on the right. Little J knows all about whales. He shares his bed with Bill the blue whale, Tim the orca and Boris the sperm whale. We talk about them a lot, borrow books from the library and sometimes watch documentaries.

Instead of Super Bowl we watched A life among whales. It started so beautifully and Little J was mesmerized. Then they showed whales being harpooned, bleeding, dragged onto the decks, de skinned, still gasping for air. The mommy in me wanted to switch it off so bad. But he was staring in amazement asking me only WHY?

I tried to explain. But frankly I could not. I am 34 years old and I still don’t understand why humans can hurt each other. Why we destroy environment, what makes us act so superior to other species. And for the first time ever I saw this deep shame and remorse on my son’s face. And concern. He said we should save the whales. And I agreed.

I was filled with hope. Because children are by nature selfish and the day your own shows care for something other then what directly impacts his everyday existence, magic happens. All of the sudden I feel like a child again too. As if my voice matters, I feel like right now there is something wrong and I can fix it. I just know I can.

Whatever the cause you are supporting, thank you. For all you running for cure, talking about your own abuse to help others, raising money for poverty stricken countries, recycling paper and plastic, bringing up bright children, adopting a puppy. Thank you.

Because change comes from one and adds to many. My son posed for Tails for whales. It is his first step to changing the world. What will be yours?

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  1. Twitter: rorybore
    Oh Stasha – I’ve had kind of a lousy day – nothing major – just the daily dreary kind – but this just made my heart sing! When I was in high school, I adopted a whale through National Geographic I believe it was – they woudl send me pictures for years of my whale – Colt – whenever he was spotted. amazing.
    Good for Little J – so proud of him! And I will be getting my children to do the same!
    RoryBore recently posted..Poetry Workshop: Narrative

  2. Twitter: myhonestanswer
    What a lovely post. I’ve often thought about how at school we were taught to be really responsible citizens with the promise ‘you’re the adults of tomorrow’. But so often, once we leave that environment, we forget that we can still change things, little by litte. Thank you for the reminder that we can all do our bit.
    my honest answer recently posted..An exciting new service: my honest answer CONFIDENTIAL

  3. Twitter: notwifezilla
    I have a soft spot for whales. When I was 12 my aunt adopted one for me and in turn, turned into some slight passion for a number of years. Thank you for sharing this information about the Tails for Whales photos. I fully intend to take a photo of my girls.
    Jackie recently posted..Captured

  4. Twitter: normalmomally
    Our hope comes in the form of our children, doesn’t it? This brought tears of sadness for the whales and the destruction, but tears of hope and joy for our children’s generation.
    Ally recently posted..Five Question Friday

  5. Twitter: Lenore_Diane
    Thank you, Stasha, for encouraging awareness of the world in your son. We all have the ability to make a difference – but it begins at home, with awareness.
    Lenore recently posted..Project 366: Day 48

  6. Twitter: goaliej54
    I love this! I always say that when Josh is old enough to understand and help, we’re going to go work at the Food Bank together. That has always been my favorite way to help others. I definitely have to go visit. Can you believe I’ve never seen a whale in the wild? My son and I are into penguins; we see them at the zoo and the aquariums nearby.
    Jessica recently posted..Sunset

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