Scavenger hunt

Hunting time of the week.

1. Routine
2. Music
3. Technology
4. Show Me Your Style
5. Mismatch


1. Routine

Two minutes, twice a day.

2. Music

3. Technology

4. Show Me Your Style

I ride English.

5. Mismatch

Buds and cold weather are mismatched. Shame nature doesn’t agree with me.

30 thoughts on “Scavenger hunt”

  1. Beautiful horse shot!!! I love the mismatch, it’s nice to see a glimpse of spring. I’m sure the trees and flowers are very confused.

  2. Love your style shot! Love your take on routine! You and I were thinking the same thing for technology! Another great week of pictures!

  3. Great routine, if only more moms knew how you can save stress just with little routine. Anyway, I love your entries, especially my style. Have a great week.
    Valeria recently posted..Nine

  4. Love these.
    My favourite is the horse! I am always taken by their size, beauty, and strength.

  5. Twitter: mommyslounge
    Twice a day. No cavities, I’m assuming! And I love your English ride. I’ve been horeseback riding when I was a little girl. It is awesome. Someday, I will have my kids try it too. It’s an experience like no other. 🙂
    Janice recently posted..Scavenger Hunt

  6. Twitter: tsonoda
    LOVE the photos, as usual. My faves were Routine and Show me your style. You certainly do have an eye!

    Speaking of……my son’s wedding is in Vegas June 16th and I still have not found a photographer that I can afford. You wouldn’t happen to have scheduled a trip here for around that time? And you wouldn’t want to be the Official photographer for my son’s wedding for CHEAP, would ya?

    Eh, it was worth a shot…….
    Terri Sonoda recently posted..Sara’s Sleep Part 6

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      You and me both. On the flip side our tax returns are pretty straightforward. Since our work can be considered charity for most part 😉

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