My Newfie

I often write about my dog, how popular he is and what silliness owning him brings. But I don’t think I have ever told you just how much I love spending time with him, how he has not once, not even for a moment been a burden and how much I truly care about him.

He is simply wonderful. In every possible way. And he is the only one in my life that will sit still for a photograph.

My Big M…

I love all 65 kilograms of you,
all seventy trillion hairs,
I love you more then all the grains of sand you bring into the house and all the drool you can possibly have.
I love your warmth and kindness and your willingness to obey,
how you protect my son and how you lean against me on a cold day.
Please don’t ever change. You are my Boatswain.

Mama’s Losin’ It

2.) List the names of five dogs from your lifetime. Write about why one sparks a stronger memory to you than the others.

This is only my second dog, but here are five famous Newfoundlands that made their owners as happy as mine makes me:

Lord Byron and his beloved Boatswain.

Lewis and Clark’s Seaman.

J.M.Barrie’s Luath which Nana, Peter Pan’s dog is based on.

Jakob, main character from my favorite movie growing up, Sreca na vrvici.

Lara (President JAMES BUCHANAN), Faithful (President ULYSSES S. GRANT) and Hector ( President Rutherford RUTHERFORD B. HAYES) were three Newfoundlands residing in White House.

39 thoughts on “My Newfie”

  1. Twitter: ava812
    I don’t have a dog or any pet in my life and I know I’m probably missing a lot but still I’m happy you have these sweet unassuming beings to accompany you in your hillside jaunts. 🙂
    ava recently posted..Computer Coin Machine!

  2. Twitter: farfromcamelot
    Didn’t realize how popular Newfie’s are…I find them a fascinating breed. Protection of my son is what I’m most looking for…we are currently considering Collies and Pyrs…dang I just added a 3rd!
    Beth recently posted..Pin Wednesday

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Beth, big dogs are so gentle and their presence is all it takes to protect the family. Pyrs are similar to Newfs but a bit more of loners since they were bred to watch stock all day in the mountains. Collies are so, so smart; just remember they must be stimulated. You have to take the time to challenge them, if they get bored they are too hyper. Dogs are such a great edition to a family. Enjoy your clean home while you can 🙂

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Quite a few Presidents had greyhounds too! Was fun to read up on White house pets, there was even an elephant!

  3. What a poetic post! You found the perfect words. I relate to it completely as a fellow big dog (dog in general) lover. Give Big M a hug and a kiss on the sweet spot between his eyes 🙂

  4. Twitter: whatnowandwhy
    I want to hug Big M. I love his largeness. If we were to get a dog (which is highly unlikely b/c my husband is highly allergic) it’d be a big one.

  5. Twitter: Lenore_Diane
    The quote is brilliant, and the picture is fantastic.
    I was emotional reading this post, because I had a pooch in my life named Lina. She was the best pooch ever. I still tear up when I think about her, and I sometimes sense she is near. She died in 2004, and I still miss her greatly. Lina was a Rotti. And she was a Rotti that loved and was loved by anyone and everyone – animals included. Ugh. I still miss her so much. She was my very best friend.
    Lenore recently posted..Project 366: Day 19

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Rottweilers are one of the most popular breeds among families with small children in Europe. They are so clever, loving and fun. I love how my boy has been dominating the dog since he was born. It gives them a great sense of self if kids can control a big dog. And a horse.

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      I cannot believe your Dalmatian is 10. She doesn’t look a day over 2! Spots really agree with her 🙂

  6. Twitter: bestfoodies
    I so love people that love their dogs. I have a chihuahua named Max and 2 wonderful Maltese grandpuppies named Barkley & Bella and I can’t imagine life without them. I babysit the grandpuppies while the kids work and I have Barkley so spoiled he won’t let me out of his sight. He would truly have me carry him around all day if I could. Raime thinks I need to not be quite so attentive as he thinks they should do it at home…haha..wait till they see what I can do to a human grandbaby…

  7. Stasha! Big M is your forever dog.

    I’ve had Mitch (a little black female cocker spaniel), Honey, (my forever girl with golden eyes and a healing demeanor), Harry, my crazy boy, and Zoe, my silly puppy who eats remote controls. Each one of them bring me smiles and contentment. And they enrich my life even more than I enrich theirs with my love.
    Linda Medrano recently posted..Put On The Coffee, Bubbles, I’m Coming Home

  8. Twitter: jenrambles
    I adore my dogs. Adore them. They are the most loyal and delightful things on the planet. Therefore, I love to read other people’s perspectives on their pets. This is really cool. Your dog is awesome. So worth all the shedding, I’m sure. 😉

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