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How are you? How was your week? Your weekend? What made you happy today? Yesterday?

Hope you answered to all those without having to think about it. One of the things that made me happy and giggle loads was reading your listicles. The fictional facts about you were the bomb and I was surprised to see how many of you know you Bond stuff!! Thank you Anja for a super duper fun topic!

On the other hand, hope that this week’s topic, suggested by Kerstin gave you some food for thought and a reason to be happy too. I look forward to reading about your 10 THINGS I LEARNED IN 2012. I started running this year and I wrote about ten things I learned about that. Opinion expressed here are my own and written for the sole purpose of entertainment. Before beginning any exercise program, please consult a physician or other qualified health care provider. Specially if he is gorgeous like the surgeon that operated on my knee.

Where was I?

Next week! I have gotten so many awesome ideas from you all about what to write our list on. To be fair, I will queue them up in the next few months, starting with Jessica:

And now, tell me what you learned this year!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. I finally realized why running is number one choice of exercise among moms.

2. No matter how happy you feel, do not laugh during your run. Bugs taste awful and you will inhale many.

3. When starting off you will notice your four year old and the seventy year old lady down the street can both run faster and longer then you.

4. No matter how amazing this video makes it look, running in the rain is…running in the rain.

5. Also related: If you live in Pacific Northwest you either learn to love running in the rain or you give up running.

6. Apps are your best friend. They track your runs, help you plan them, achieve your goals, motivate you to push yourself and have a cute guy tell you how awesome you are.

7. Like all hobbies, starting to run gives you a great excuse to shop for new gear.

8. Avoid watching ‘Criminal minds’ and the likes, cause most females in these shows are attacked and killed while running in the park.

9. World looks even more amazing when you are running by.

10. I have never seen a person who is not happy after a run. Just look at Jen, Clarinda, Michelle and Monica!

What advice do you have for me to get better at running?


45 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: euregirlsandboy
    I’ve missed a few weeks in a row, I think, so I’m linking early (and off topic) this week. Love your list – I’ve been wanting to try running. I made it through one week of Couch to 5k – twice – but haven’t managed the whole thing. #8 makes me laugh though 🙂
    Katie E recently posted..Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

  2. Twitter: notwifezilla
    I’ve wanted to like running. The attire is cute. You really don’t need too much, and it seems rather simple to do. However, I just don’t like it, no matter how hard I try. I’m glad you’re enjoying it though!
    You go you Runner girl you!
    Jackie recently posted..Learning Curve

  3. Twitter: staceysmoments
    My advice…just keep running! I started 5 years ago and I’m totally addicted. And now that I am done having babies, I can actually train a little better. Plus, it’s becoming a family sport. My three oldest are running a 5K on Thanksgiving with me! Great list!
    Stacey recently posted..Ten Things My Kids Taught Me in 2012

  4. Twitter: rorybore
    See right there..I’m bound to fail at running, because I am a huge fan of Criminal Minds and CSI and thus only run when chased. which hasn’t happened yet, thankfully. Well, except the hubby….but I kinda cheated and let him catch me.
    Rorybore recently posted..Picture Perfect: Spreading Joy

  5. I like the treadmill run. I have my iphone in front of me to change the songs, a tv in front of me to catch espn highlights, and my water bottle in front of me. Most runners think treadmill running is kind of like cheating, but I just think it’s more comfortable. Running in the rain? Heck no. I’d melt!
    Jill recently posted..Monday Listicles: 10 Things I Learned in 2012

  6. Twitter: lilahbility
    Way to go, Stasha, keep up the amazing work! I admire your dedication and determination, especially with all this RAIN!!!
    Amanda recently posted..You.

  7. Twitter: southmainmuse
    So glad you are enjoying running. It has been my sanity for 30 years. And you comment about the 4 year old and 70 year old made me laugh. I remember once I was finishing up a triathlon. It was a longer distance and there had been a lot of wind and I was exhausted. Running the last mile or so I looked over an there was a squirrel running along. And I thought — there is no way I could beat that squirrel right now. ha. Keep running, chica.
    Jamie@southmainmuse recently posted..It’s 4 a.m. and here’s my list of 10.

  8. Twitter: pammlofton
    I have no running advice. I was hoping you’d have some for me! LOL I just cannot get the breathing right. I start off ok, but then it’s like I”m having a panic attack. I keep trying but it hasn’t changed yet. Loved your list! Love Monday Listicles!

  9. Twitter: lisacng
    Wanna hear something funny? I just “Foto Friendly Mom” this morning, and she linked to “Monday Listicles by Stasha”, but I just didn’t make the connection. Funny how small the world is huh? Anyways, I took up running kinda this summer too, but haven’t been out much b/c it gets dark so early and I watch too much SVU ;). Anyways, I just need to stay motivated and buy some winter gear, like you said! LOL on the boy and grandma running longer/faster than you. Prolly will be that way for me for a looong time. Glad to be reading your blog!
    lisacng @ expandng.c recently posted..Throwback Thursday: Photos and a blog award

  10. Twitter: ltlindian
    Awwweee! You are so sweet to give me a mention. 🙂 You WILL be faster than your kid and your mom–just for a few years though… I’m still faster than mine, but that day is coming soon. My teen could be faster than me if she trained, but she’s too busy with other sports.

    Running advice? Just put one foot in front of the other. If I start to feel crappy then I just try to think about those people who can’t run–amputees, disabled, sick, elderly–and what they might give to be able to run again. How’s that for a motivator? 🙂
    Michelle recently posted..Social Media Safety?

  11. Twitter: chosenchaos
    Love this list! And it sounds like you’ve gotten through many of the stages of runners. My biggest advice is if it gets annoying, slow down. Or speed up. Or change your route. Or walk. It can also be changed to meet your needs. Also, I discovered audio books this year and it’s been a life-changer for me and my running. I feel like I’m accomplishing two things at once! Happy to be here with you and all these lists!!
    Jamie recently posted..skilled and enlightened

  12. Twitter: MarieMiracles
    This makes me want to revise my list! I’ve also learned this year that exercise can be addictive, but I am definitely not a runner. When I walk/run on the treadmill, I’m listing to music on headphones and reading at the same time because I find it to be so boring!!

    I also should have added “I’ve learned how much fun Listicles can be” to my list–thank you so much for organizing and hosting this each week, Stasha!!

  13. i’m a new runner (3wks into it) and i use the couch to 5K app which is the most awesome app ever. i’m in good shape but i know running is a different kind of endurance so i’m building up to that.

    how to make you a good runner? well, i’m not sure since i’m a newbie but my veteran running pals tell me that you must dress appropriately for the weather which will help extend your runs as you’re more comfortable. for me, the biggest challenge is knowing how to dress for the cooler weather so i’ve been experimenting with different fabrics and layering.
    Kathy recently of a housewife: 6 month update

  14. Twitter: EnjoytheCourse
    Thanks for the mention. I loved your list!! Being a runner, I could relate to

    Speaking of apps, have you tried Charity Miles? I love it because whenever I bike/run/walk outside using this app, a donation is made to one of several charities. It’s so easy!
    Clarinda @ Enjoying recently posted..10 Things I’ve Learned in 2012

  15. Twitter: KateWhineHall
    I like your list. I used to run, but had to stop because of my knees. Now I walk…on a treadmill…lame, but at least someone is taking care of my kids, so I can do it. I miss running by things, like my neighborhood. There is definitely a diferent perspective when you run by something rather than when you drive by it.
    Kate Hall recently posted..I Never Want To Visit A Chinese ER Again

  16. Twitter: dkotucker
    I’ve tried running in the past…OK so it was about 30 years ago now but I’m sure the main idea hasn’t changed all that much. I would much rather play sports which didn’t feel like exercise than run. Now the only exercise I get is opening a bottle of wine unless of course you count lifting my glass. 🙂
    Diane recently posted..Things I Thought about in 2012 #Monday Listicles

  17. Twitter: stampingrules
    Stasha, you almost make me want to run. You make it sound so amazing! I’m thinking Uggs do not make good running footwear, and midnight might not be the right time to squeeze it in, so I’ll stick to inky paws for now. But you make me WANT to want to run!
    Wendy Coffman recently posted..Ten Things I Learned in 2012

  18. Twitter: thegrommom
    Oh you are SO funny! I loved that post, and I too, began running in the Northwest. Now I run in (often rainy) hawaii, but yeah, it’s different. You’re off to a great start. Best advice i have is just keep doing it–it grows on you for sure!
    And how sweet to link to me!! I was seriously checking out the links with NO idea that was ME you were referring to…haha, I was so confused when I clicked on it and landed on my own site!! 🙂 FUN.
    I’ll be linking up next week–that sounds like a fun one!
    monica recently posted..Grommeals: Homemade (Pumpkin) Toaster Waffles.

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