Monday Listicles

Welcome back lovebirds.

I loved all the love last week. What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s day! Thank you for all the love.

From love we are moving onto cleaning. Or rather not cleaning. Wendy  chose the topic that is right up my alley and so easy to list 10. In fact I was going to write nap and eat ice cream. But I did not, so feel free to write those in your list instead. Thank you Wendy, I look forward to finding some new excuses not to clean.

Before you go, let us not forget next week’s topic. It is my friend Rachel’s turn. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find her blog among the linked ones and see what she chose for us to write about. In case you are not sure who Rachel is, look for beauty, wit and courage. And while you are there, read a few of her posts. You will be glad you did!

Now tell me what are you doing instead of cleaning.

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


10 things I would rather be doing then cleaning the house


The girl can dream first:

1. Sit and watch my husband clean.

2. Sit and watch my son clean.

3. Watch Gerard Butler clean in a kilt.

But here are some things I don’t like but would still do if it got me out of cleaning the house:

4. Dry my hair.

5. Pull the rubbish bins to the curb.

6. Watch Caillou.

7. Fill out tax forms.

8. Deal with word verification.

9. Grocery shopping.

10. Talk on the phone.

Image is a miracle someone else managed to document of an unknown male. I suspect it might be staged…

55 thoughts on “Monday Listicles”

  1. Twitter: normalmomally
    Dry my hair! That’s another I should have put on my list! Drying my thick, naturally wavy (&frizzy) hair straight is not so much fun, but I’d still rather do it than clean! πŸ™‚
    Hmmm, I’d rather watch Gerard Butler clean anything… !!
    Ally recently posted..Five Question Friday

  2. Twitter: lilahbility
    I am blessed to have a hubby that does at LEAST his fair share of the cleaning, probably more. But here’s my confession: we value our time more than our money, so we pay to have our small apartment cleaned every two weeks while we are off galavanting around Vancouver.
    Amanda recently posted..What’s Better Than Cleaning?

  3. Twitter: spitupchronicle
    Caillou is the devil. That little four year old is such a brat–but for some reason my three year old cant get enough. And that picture may be staged but that cleaning is totally sexy. πŸ˜‰
    Jessica recently posted..What Id Rather Do Than Clean

  4. Twitter: chosenchaos
    I’ve got a list at my place today but of way more than 10! Still here checking out all the reasons not to clean bc I am awful at cleaning!!
    Jamie recently posted..59 miles

  5. ROFL, never thought of watching some one else clean? Hmm
    Gotta go with the others here on cleaning over Caillou. That show is like nails in my forehead.
    That picture reminded me of an article I read about fake cleaning tips- Spray cleaner in your entrance way just before guests arrive so it smells like you’ve actally done something. It works LOL
    paul recently posted..I’d Rather Be…

  6. Twitter: Yjune
    My man does the dishes sometimes in a white shirt, but that’s only because I’m the one washing his shirt! Love this post!
    Mamawearpapashirt recently posted..Love yourself

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      And for what you found I am eternally grateful. He is so pretty in pink πŸ™‚

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      I tell you what, little pebble head drives me crazy but my kid acts way nicer after watching him. It is not so much Caillou, it is his mom… She is the real problem. Never being mad, always bubbly… GRRRR!

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Honestly Jen I have 700 minutes in my plan and just today Husband told me he noticed I used 7 this year. Probably listening to my VM…

  7. Twitter: babspinfrance
    Yup. Many a day I’ve had to sit on the couch watching Caillou while my husband cleans. All in all, it is still better than cleaning the house myself! Great list!
    Barbara recently posted..A Mother’s Guilt

  8. Twitter: LaliQuin
    Great list! I would love nothing more than to sit back and watch my husband clean.

    Even if it did mean, I’d have to reclean πŸ˜‰

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