Little J ran down the stairs wearing underwear on his head and shouted:


I nearly choked on my Earl Grey.

Me: Where did you hear that word?

Little J: In school.

Me: In school???!

Little J: Yes, we were working on letter I last week and Mrs. A asked us for some words starting with it. Idiot starts with an I.

Me: Yes it does. And who suggested it?

Little J: One of the boys. Then Mrs. A wrote it on the board and drew an idiot.

Me: I see. And did she tell you what it means?

Little J: Sure. There are many idiots in the world, mostly in America.

Me: She said that???!?

Little J: Yes. They were here long before us. In fact many of them live in Washington.

Me: I see. What else did she say about idiots?

Little J: Well we talked about them a lot a few weeks ago. How they introduced British to corn and ate turkey with them for Thanksgiving.

Me: You mean Indians?

Little J: Oh yes. You are right. Who are idiots then?

Disclosure: My son is five. May he be forgiven. Also I am in no way suggesting the link between the two I words. And after an extensive 3 day research I think I came to a conclusion my son learned the word idiot from a friend who heard it from Sponge Bob. Despite my husband saying he probably heard me saying it to him.

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  1. 5 year olds are the funniest people on earth. When they discover a word, it’s in them to share it with everyone. My 5 year old niece has discovered the word nipple and while we were watching a Arctic documentary, she declared about the nursing bear “That bear has nipples!”

  2. Twitter: staceysmoments
    Hahahaha That is too funny! I love it when kids confuse words! And after shopping this weekend, I may have to agree that idiots come from America. Oy!
    Stacey recently posted..Dear Santa,

  3. Twitter: goaliej54
    I find this especially hilarious because Joshua did something similar last night. He was recreating the scene in Charlie Brown where Lucy gets licked by Snoopy: “Get the iodine!” Except Josh says, “Get the Indians!” Kids are so fun.
    Jessica recently posted..The Awesome List

  4. That conversation is priceless! We think kids are tuning into all of the things that exist only in ‘the big picture’! While their lives are lived much closer to the real, this minute or even second they may turn and go back the other way! We think we know what they worry about and what of the news filters through to them despite trying to shelter them from it. Is he worried about the problems in his home state or the problems everyone’s talking about in DC, in the White House, The Capital? Who knows how much of it gets into their conscious minds? It’s probably better we don’t know! I hope you and your lovely family have a wonderful Island Christmas-it sounds like a Christmas movie!! And it probably looks like one too!! Enjoy it all!

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