On Sunday my son informed me Big M stinks.

I agreed. The only way to resolve this situation was to brush him. You have seen my dog right?

In case you have not:

Brushing him is hard work. It takes forever and you are never done. It takes strength. Patience. Unfortunately the dog has strength and I have patience. It would be better if that was reversed. And Little J, well he has neither.

But to my surprise he suggested we go and brush the dog. Probably because his bedtime was approaching. Not that I minded.

We pinned Big M down on the back porch and each holding a detangler brush we tackled opposite sides of dog.

A while later we had two bags full of hair, three doggy treats less and a dog on the run.

Little J: Mommy I think we should do something with this hair.

Me: Not sure you can recycle dog hair.

Little J: No, we should use it to make a sweater.

Me: ?!??

Little J: You know, like llama hair.

Me: I know. But we don’t know how to spin it into yarn.

Little J: Maybe we can find someone who can. Then sell them the hair.

Me: Where would we go about looking for someone like that?

Little J: Your computer.

Me: And then?

Little J: We keep making our dog fancy. Then we sell the hair and they make sweaters. People are warm, I get new toys and my dog smells nice.

Guess that is what you call a win-win situation.

Disclaimer: I have absolutely no idea how my son knew about hair, yarn and sweater making. But I found this:

Anyone needs some fur?!

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  1. It’s so rare that I really ‘laugh out loud’, but this cracked me up! That little J knew the dog needed to be brushed and then knew what to do with all the hair is remarkable! He is wise beyond his years–know that’s a cliche, but he is! Who knew? That you could knit a sweater from your dog’s hair? I too had a dog that I brushed a sack a week out of–especially in the summer when all his undercoat came out and he looked like he’d lost 10 pounds! I always wished there was something that could be done with all that soft warm hair, Someone figured out that you could, and it seems so simple and logical. You hit another one out of the park island girl–love this so much!

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      Thank you so much Cindy. I love your company. Isn’t it amazing how much smaller dogs look after a good brushing 🙂

  2. Twitter: goaliej54
    Oh my goodness, how clever! I just saw an episode of Dirty Jobs where they were making yarn (or whatever you’d call it) out of llama fur. The woman was saying she could even make yarn out of her own hair. lol I guess there’s a use for everything!

    1. Twitter: NorthWestMommy
      He was for 2.3 hours 😉 But kiddo said to me tonight we should brush him again. I think he is serious about this plan of his!

  3. Twitter: lilahbility
    LOL, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: smart kid!

    Also, we received a gag gift at Christmas (at least I hope it was meant as a gag gift) of a book called “Crafting with Cat Hair!”

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