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Enlighten up

Let’s be perfectly honest. Most of the time this world doesn’t make much sense.

I have been thinking a lot about happiness lately. Why some of us seem to feel it all the time and others cannot seem to find it at all.

Of course I am not talking about life’s circumstances and events we did not create and cannot control. I am talking about being happy and in the present. Feeling fulfilled. Content.

A few weeks ago I watched a wonderful documentary called Enlighten Up. It is available to watch free online. But if you don’t have that much time to kill, I found my favorite part for you:

I know it is not the best quality and might seem like a long clip, but I promise you it is that good.

Be happy today. It is the least you can do!

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Monday Listicles

Christmas is next week! Can you believe it?

I am so happy you came to visit listicles today! We are talking music this week so we will put you in the Christmas cheer for sure. This week’s topic was suggested by Rachée and Mrs RKFJ who called for 10 HOLIDAY SONGS. Stephanie suggested 10 SONGS WE LOVE, HATE OR LOVE TO HATE and between these two topics sky is the limit!!!

Allow me to apologize for not visiting your lists lately. I will catch up as soon as I can, however Christmas is a very busy time in my line of work and once I get a few hours I plan on reading them all. Thank you for being my super amazing friends and joining me last week with your lists of foods. And thank you Bridget for suggesting it!

Before my husband shares with you his favorite songs ever I must tell you about the lovely topic Kelly suggested we do around Christmas:


See you next week with lists of Christmas memories. And now…
Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



0. “Acquiesce” by Oasis

1. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by The Rolling Stones

2. “Come On” by The Verve

3. “Laid” by James

4. “Angels” by Robbie Williams

5. “Three Little Birds” Bob Marley

6. “With My Own Two Hands” Ben Harper

7. “Better Together” Jack Johnson

8. “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine

9. “Zero” by Smashing Pumkins

10. “Rockin’ The Suburbs” by Ben Folds

Although my husband is a sexy man, great cook, amazing dad and good sport for writing the list for me while I was busy working this weekend may it be noted WE DO NOT SHARE THE SAME MUSIC TASTE.


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Little J ran down the stairs wearing underwear on his head and shouted:


I nearly choked on my Earl Grey.

Me: Where did you hear that word?

Little J: In school.

Me: In school???!

Little J: Yes, we were working on letter I last week and Mrs. A asked us for some words starting with it. Idiot starts with an I.

Me: Yes it does. And who suggested it?

Little J: One of the boys. Then Mrs. A wrote it on the board and drew an idiot.

Me: I see. And did she tell you what it means?

Little J: Sure. There are many idiots in the world, mostly in America.

Me: She said that???!?

Little J: Yes. They were here long before us. In fact many of them live in Washington.

Me: I see. What else did she say about idiots?

Little J: Well we talked about them a lot a few weeks ago. How they introduced British to corn and ate turkey with them for Thanksgiving.

Me: You mean Indians?

Little J: Oh yes. You are right. Who are idiots then?

Disclosure: My son is five. May he be forgiven. Also I am in no way suggesting the link between the two I words. And after an extensive 3 day research I think I came to a conclusion my son learned the word idiot from a friend who heard it from Sponge Bob. Despite my husband saying he probably heard me saying it to him.

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