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Monday Listicles

Merry Christmas!

Ho ho hope you are having a wonderful time over the holidays, making memories and loving one another. Perhaps you even added a new Christmas decoration on your tree? Because this is what we are talking about this week. Kelly suggested a list of 10 ORNAMENTS ON YOUR TREE AND STORIES BEHIND THEM. Isn’t that wonderful?

Last week was fun and you listed some pretty fancy music for us all. Thank you Rachée, Mrs RKFJ and Stephanie for suggesting a great topic.

You have been sending me many great ideas for future Listicles and next week it is Kate’s turn to choose. She twitted me three suggestions in one day so feel free to choose:

Have a lovely Christmas Eve my friends!
Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. I bought our Christmas tree on a work trip to Kuala Lumpur. With it I picked up a few boxes of red baubles. They were the only ornaments as we celebrated our first Christmas as a couple in Bahrain.


2. Next year my husband’s aunt send us each a special ornament to represent what we love the most.
Pretty stiletto for me.

Wine for him.

3. Same year I picked up this one at JFK.


4. And this one I could not resist. We were already on a waiting list for Big M who was born in spring of next year.

5. After I returned from my vacation in NY I went to Nepal for work. I stopped at my favorite store in Katmandu to buy some presents for the family. As I was picking out pashminas the store owner asked me about my plans for next year. I told him we were hoping to start a family and he gave me this bell to make a wish. I got pregnant a few months later. This ornament is still one of my favorite presents ever.

6. My mother-in-law sends us ornaments every year. This one is my favorite.

7. This is my husband’s family tradition. One green pickle, send to us the year we got married to be hidden on the tree and found on Christmas day.

8. Our town. We got it the first year we moved here.

9. Little J’s buddy brought him this handmade ornament in South Africa last year.

10. Ornaments Little J made in the past few years:

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