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Little J ran down the stairs wearing underwear on his head and shouted:


I nearly choked on my Earl Grey.

Me: Where did you hear that word?

Little J: In school.

Me: In school???!

Little J: Yes, we were working on letter I last week and Mrs. A asked us for some words starting with it. Idiot starts with an I.

Me: Yes it does. And who suggested it?

Little J: One of the boys. Then Mrs. A wrote it on the board and drew an idiot.

Me: I see. And did she tell you what it means?

Little J: Sure. There are many idiots in the world, mostly in America.

Me: She said that???!?

Little J: Yes. They were here long before us. In fact many of them live in Washington.

Me: I see. What else did she say about idiots?

Little J: Well we talked about them a lot a few weeks ago. How they introduced British to corn and ate turkey with them for Thanksgiving.

Me: You mean Indians?

Little J: Oh yes. You are right. Who are idiots then?

Disclosure: My son is five. May he be forgiven. Also I am in no way suggesting the link between the two I words. And after an extensive 3 day research I think I came to a conclusion my son learned the word idiot from a friend who heard it from Sponge Bob. Despite my husband saying he probably heard me saying it to him.

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