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Black Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Also known as turkey sandwich day. And if you are lucky like us, lounging around doing nothing day. Not to mention Black Friday.

It sounds a bit morbid I guess but it is anything but! Yupppeeee for sales. Great deals to be found, new pretty things to be bought.

If you are buying a new camera or know someone who will, this is the day to do so. Every shop will make you a great deal on one. But what do you do with it once you bring it home?

I have told you about Rob and Lauren, about what great photographers they are, about how awesome their site is, about how generous they are with freebies for both enthusiasts and professional photographers. Honestly, most of my wedding photography business was build or inspired by their Simple Wedding tutorial.

So in order for you to return to your pumpkin pie as soon as possible I have a quick announcement and I will sign off.

Until next Tuesday:

Yep! Please promise me you that if these holidays bring you or anyone you know a fancy new DSLR camera you will get a Camera Skills tutorial and rock that baby in three hours flat. You owe it to your camera to use it in Manual Mode!!

Not to mention they have a great giveaway to match the sale, so CLICK HERE and head over for your chance to win a new camera and a fancy bag for it!

Happy shopping.

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