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The worst mistake of them all

Most of you visiting my blog probably think I am amazing and can do no wrong.

I suppose I am. But occasionally I make mistakes. Some come from love and overenthusiasm. Like watering my cacti to their early grave. Some mistakes happen because I don’t think before I speak. Like telling my friend the other day while waiting for Yoga class to begin that I cannot believe there are people out there who pay a hundred bucks for yoga pants from a certain famous brand. Only to realize the other 7 ladies were wearing them. And then I was the only one who lost balance during a posture, proving that wearing lemon pants helps being a better tree.

There are times though that I am asked to do something and I know it is a bad idea. I struggle with it. Toss and turn at night and eat a pint of ice cream to help me clear my mind. But ultimately my conscience tells me to just do it. No, I am not talking about bake sale, that I would say no to easily. I am talking about Facebook.

You see I have a younger cousin. My family is near extinct and a few cousins back home is all I have. We are close enough to know each other’s birthdays without Facebook reminders and joke about the days gone by at family reunions, but we are not like brothers and sisters. Now my youngest cousin is a teen. What can I say, my aunt was hit by a baby bug as her nest emptied. He is a lovely, bright young boy and the last time I saw him he was visiting us for a few weeks in the summer and he was everything I hopped my son to be when he is 10.

Then a year later he send me a request to be my friend on Facebook. I will not preach about how you are suppose to be 16 and over to join social media and all that. But I did feel awkward about having such a young kid read my feed. The last thing I wanted was to worry about my statements being politically correct and censor my complaints to be G rated ( cause you just cannot talk about parking in Walmart and be suitable for all audiences, can you?) .

But blood is thicker then water and who am I to cut my family ties. So I clicked confirmed. And in the past few years I have learned to live with the fact I am related to a Justin Bieber lookalike who has thousand of friends, changes relationship statues daily and thinks that spelling is a suggestion not a rule.

Am I bitter that his requests to ‘like this status and I will tell you what color are my socks’ dominate my feed? Sure. Am I ashamed that I know more trivia about him then his parents? YES!

But you know what is the worst thing ever? His post the other day used a word that would be bleeped out in a R rated movie! I had to wash out my eyeballs with bleach and I have been a nervous reck ever since, upping my ice cream intake to two pints!

So I am hear to tell you: whatever you do, please do not accept friend requests from 16 and under’s. Because it seems that perfectly normal kids, straight A students wearing matching socks, that live among us turn into some bizarre alter ego young adults in the parallel universe called Facebook. And it ain’t pretty!

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