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Monday Listicles

Hello my sweet friends and list lovers.

I am so glad you are back to link your lists 10 THINGS JAMES BOND OR ANY SECRET AGENT OR 10 FICTIONAL FACTS ABOUT YOU ( BUT ONE MUST BE TRUE AND WE WILL TRY TO GUESS IT!). I look forward to reading them, laughing and enjoying myself as I do! I look forward to fun times we spend together as we list sometimes serious, sometimes funny, always great to read things!

Thank you Anja for inspiring us with a great topic this week. I had Little J tell me ten things about his favorite secret agent Finn McMissile (from Cars 2, his current obsession) and I laughed as I was jotting them down. Number one being ‘He is blue.’ We never quite made it to ten. Then I wrote a list of 10 misconceptions people have about me, such as me having an accent meaning I am not American. I tried being funny, but I just could not. Not today.

We went to the Veterans Day parade yesterday. It was a beautiful, sunny, crisp autumn day. We saw friends we haven’t seen in a while, walked around, took pictures, looked at fire engines. Jets flew over and the parade begun. Our fire department, police officers, Marine Color Guard, Navy Color Guard, Veterans of WW2, Vietnam and recent conflicts, survivors of Pearl harbor, their spouses, Navy Wives, retired military personnel, our 50 state flags and our young ROTC club all marched by. And then volunteers from our Navy base carried banners of Washington men and women fallen in combat. And I cried the whole parade.

I have never not followed the listicle prompt. I love all the topics we write about and I love this one just as much. But for once forgive me if I leave my list blank. I was raised by my grandfather who served honorably all his life. He always told me about sacrifices Yugoslavians made during WW2 fighting for our freedom. I grew up surrounded by conflict and baffled how quickly people have forgotten how terrible war is. I am a Navy wife and fortunate that my Veteran is home tonight. But I will never forget and I urge you not too either.

Please remember why 11th of November is Veterans day.

Now go,

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!


LISTICLE ON 11.11.12


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