This just in

We just got home.

Today is Little J’s Birthday. He turned five. When I asked him this morning how it feels to be five he said: ‘Just perfect.’

This whole week has been hectic. So while he was in preschool I figured it was my only chance to squeeze in a run. I cut my riding short, rushed home from the farm, left the dog on the porch, changed into running gear and drove to the beach. I run in a rather remote area, on a trail.

As I was parking it started pouring down. Full blown storm. High winds and all. I ran for 30 minutes and I was soaked. Luckily I keep my sweats in the car so I changed quickly and had a couple of minutes to kill before picking my boy from school.

I was fiddling with my phone, as you might expect, when I heard a loud knock on my minivan’s very steamed up window. It was a police officer wondering if everything was OK.

He must have believed me, red in my face from both the run and sheer embarrassment, trying to explain how I just finished my run. Specially since I was wearing perfectly dry clothes. Suppose it is better then knocking two minutes earlier, finding me pantless in the back seat.

Happy Birthday my sweet son, at least you one of us is perfect…

Monday Listicles

Happy Listicling!

How was your Thanksgiving? I hope you celebrated surrounded by the everyone and everything you are thankful for and loads of pie. I had a big slice of three different pies. And on Black Friday I treated myself to private sessions with my personal trainer. As you can see pie made me do it. I would much rather have bought myself something pretty to put in my camera bag, but not this time. If you did though, check out the special offer I posted about on Friday.

Last time Kerstin suggested we write about ten things we learned about this year. I truly enjoyed reading your lists. Thank you all for cheering me on in my running adventures. I never thought I would, but I am really enjoying running. Specially writing about it on a Sunday morning in my pajamas.

This week Jessica suggested we share 10 PHOTOS FROM OUR PHONE. She also gave us an alternative option: 10 NAMES YOU CONSIDERED FOR YOUR KIDS. Gotta love a girl who is full of great ideas, thank you Jessee!

Next Listicle is brought to you by the beautiful lady behind The Bonny Bard:

A bit of a challenge for us modest people, but write a list of 10 REASONS I AM GREAT. ( not me. You. Yes, YOU!)

Before I start my list this week, a little background story. My dear friend Melveen and I share our lives every day via messages and photos. We are separated by the ocean and even with 2889 miles between us I feel we spend our days together. I was initially going to share with you my 10 most liked Instagram clicks. But Melveen put together 10 photos of our everyday for you and I love this so very much it might be my favorite 10 images ever. I am on the left and she is on the right. As you can see, we have so much in common! These are unedited phone shots that we send each other during the day. For more stunning Hawaii snapshots, you may find Melveen on Instagram.

Thank you Melly for being my BFF. Sending you big love from my island to yours!

OK, lets go!
Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!




And because we got a little carried away and totaled 12, here are all of them:

PS: you might want to link your list with Suzi the Boca Frau. She has a weekly Instagram round up. Now thats a nice twofer ha?


Black Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving.

Also known as turkey sandwich day. And if you are lucky like us, lounging around doing nothing day. Not to mention Black Friday.

It sounds a bit morbid I guess but it is anything but! Yupppeeee for sales. Great deals to be found, new pretty things to be bought.

If you are buying a new camera or know someone who will, this is the day to do so. Every shop will make you a great deal on one. But what do you do with it once you bring it home?

I have told you about Rob and Lauren, about what great photographers they are, about how awesome their site is, about how generous they are with freebies for both enthusiasts and professional photographers. Honestly, most of my wedding photography business was build or inspired by their Simple Wedding tutorial.

So in order for you to return to your pumpkin pie as soon as possible I have a quick announcement and I will sign off.

Until next Tuesday:

Yep! Please promise me you that if these holidays bring you or anyone you know a fancy new DSLR camera you will get a Camera Skills tutorial and rock that baby in three hours flat. You owe it to your camera to use it in Manual Mode!!

Not to mention they have a great giveaway to match the sale, so CLICK HERE and head over for your chance to win a new camera and a fancy bag for it!

Happy shopping.