Daily Archives: September 23, 2012

Monday Listicles

Hello autumn.

I think I am all grown up because in the past few years I decided it is my favorite season. When you are in school it is impossible to like it, right? But now, autumn is full of goodies. I am also rather high on life because I spend time with Ally yesterday and that my friends is a very special treat. Yeay for happy days!!

Before I get too mushy I want to say thank you for sharing your wedding stories last week. I read most of them on Saturday and felt like I was at a wedding all day again. Without champagne but with dessert. You all make me feel like dancing.

This week I suggested you look around the house and tell me about 10 THINGS IN MY HOME. Before you begin reading mine a quick disclaimer: my house is very tidy as I type this. Unusually tidy in fact. Mostly because husband returned home this week and we made an effort to impress him. But there are still loose cannons everywhere and here are 10. I will spare you the visual images but feel free to ask about the ones that might not make sense to you.

Next week tell me about your TOP 10 AUTUMN MUST HAVES. To get us in the mood for the season.

And now, let’s do the tour of the house.
Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Dinosaur bones stuck in the couch.

2. Remains of the popped orange balloon under my pillow.

3. Whole bag of cotton balls spread neatly on the floor.

4. Avocado tree on the kitchen counter.

5. Warranty for car floor mats on the printer.

6. Fluffy purple boas on the garage floor. And 7 sombreros.

7. Orca whale in the bath tub.

8. Mr Potatohead’s mustache by my keyboard as I type.

9. Personalized licence plate among my office supplies.

10. Empty coffee cup. The only item i plan on rectifying right now.