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Monday Listicles

The last few days of the summer of 2012.

Well technically there is about a month left, but in my head, once school starts it is all over. I do like autumn and I don’t mind winter so it is all good. Just think of all the pretty new boots out there waiting to be bought.

Thank you all for sharing your lists about cars last week. They really cheered me up. And I am so excited to see what you write for the LIST OF TEN CLUES YOU ARE LIVING IN 2012. Thank you so much Anja for a fun topic.

Next week I am choosing the predictable one for this time of the year. LIST OF TEN-SCHOOL EDITION. Spin it any way you want.

First thing is first:

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. You turned 26. Again.

2. Marinka has an iPhone.

3. You have more virtual friends then in real life.

4. You are too busy reading blogs to read the news.

5. Your kid asks you to buy things for him. On Amazon.

6. You double tap photos on Facebook.

7. Town is plastered with same ugly signs to vote for the same people you avoided voting for last time. On the plus side, they clearly all recycle.

8. It says 2012 on your calendar. Just joking. Nobody has calendars…

9. Everybody all of the sudden watches water polo and fencing because of the Olympics.

10. Apparently it is Presidential elections year too. But if you are like me, you had to google it to confirm that fact.

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