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Monday Listicles

I have some great news!

We bought a car. Or should I say: I chose a car and husband bought it. I am stuck in the house no more!

Thank you all for helping me decide on the minivan. The results of the poll are in:

Toyota Sienna won. And indeed I am rolling in a Swagger Wagon. I was going to take some great photos to celebrate it, but I am too busy driving it. So standby by!

In the mean time we wrote about all the wonderful things our parents did for us last week as suggested by Lisa. I must say it made me feel a little better about the future and gave me hope my son will one day write a list as sweet as all of yours were! Thank you for celebrating parenthood, it is anything but an easy gig right?

Next week will be a fun one. Anja from Cocalores wrote an adorable list and suggested we all do the same. So we will write about 10 CLUES THAT YOU ARE LIVING IN 2012. Thank you Anja for a great topic and welcome to the listicles!

But first, 10 ABOUT A CAR (anything goes).

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Babysitter is worth every penny when you go looking for vehicles.

2. Always test drive the actual model you are planning on purchasing.

3. Once you start looking you like them all.

4. Once you must decide which one to spend money on you don’t like any enough.

5. Once you decide which one to buy for certain, you will change your mind.

6. After you negotiate the best deal possible, negotiate more!

7. If they say it takes an hour to pick up your new car, count for three.

8. Make sure your dealership has a kid area, three hours will feel like three days otherwise.

9. No matter how much you thought it through, once you drive off the lot with your new car you will wonder if you should have bought the other one.

10. Your car will be new for 7 hours and 13 minutes. Until the dawn brakes and kid and dog occupy it.

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