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A man, a van and refinancing

We refinanced.

Because my husband is clever and hard working and knows money. He did his research with companies such as StreamlineRefinance.net and he realized we could save a whole lot a month on our mortgage. Also looking into some home energy improvements to save even more on our monthly bills. All around hip hip hurray for him!

Except he broke my minivan. Just as he saved a whole lot and I started planning ways to spend his hard earned money, my lover drove my poor old mama mobile like it was a Formula 1.
Long story short, we returned from our camping trip in a tow truck.

See the ray of sunshine and hope over my beautiful van? Don’t be fooled. After they checked it out at the service center we decided the only thing to do was to donate it to a worthy cause. That was well over a week ago.

I have been at home ever since. My garden looks lovely, my photos are all edited, I have read everyones blog posts and my house is immaculate. I wish! I have been staring at used and new vehicles websites like a woman possessed. I know all the specs on all minivans available in the continental USA. I know the inventory of all car dealerships within 50 miles of our island. I know the name of the receptionist at two of them and I know one of them has lunch around 2 o’clock. I even know the code for exterior colors on the two minivans we narrowed it down to.

What I don’t know is which one to buy.

Contender number one is:


and contender number two is:


Please help. I have changed my mind 371 times in the past 24 hours. Little J has chosen both, Big M has not seen the ocean this month and husband will probably end up buying himself a Porsche if I don’t make the call soon.

Vote here:

Which Minivan should I make my husband buy me?


Promise I let you know the outcome. If I ever make it out of my house again.


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