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Dear Stasha

Earlier this year, just before my Birthday, Jamie from Chosen Chaos invited me to write a letter to my 18 year old self. So I did.

This week, to celebrate a year of hosting this wonderful guest posting community she has build, Jamie asked us to return and share our original letters on our own sites. Please JOIN US in visiting some of your favorite bloggers writing a letter to their 18 year old self. Perhaps write one for you and let us know, so we can read it.

And thank you Jamie, cannot wait to read your letter next week!

Dear 18 year old self,

I will make a quick list of 10 for you to see what lays ahead. Mostly because, believe it or not it is lists that finally shot you into stardom. Not dating an international soccer star or a prince or even having a 7 minute interview on national TV. Nope, simple lists of ten every Monday is what made you famous. So here goes:

1. You will be happy. Every day. There will be days that are best forgotten, some that will drag and some that will be just plain old rubbish. But through it all, you will be happy.

2. You will promise a man to stay with him ’till death do us part’. For someone who will make history in her twenties for bailing out twice I know it is hard to believe, but I really think you will like growing old with this one. And no, he is not the prince…

3. You will do what you want and be incredibly good at it. Then you will give it all up to build legos, brush the dog, mock up after a horse and nag a husband. And it will be better then you ever imagined.

4. Remember failing matriculation exam for photography school? All those silly shades of grey you had to paint? Well guess what: it is all digital now and you are rocking it. You own your own business and the reason I am writing you this letter well past midnight is because you just finished editing photos for yet another happy couple.

5. You will eat your words. Many times in fact. But the strangest of all is that the one continent you never dreamed of traveling to, you will call home. The one country you always said was too big for you to explore, you will be a citizen of. The one accent you said you will never have, you still don’t . Relax…

6. Remember going out to dance after you fell down on the slopes and hurt your knee? That was dumb. Because almost two decades later you will need a major surgery for it. That is the only thing I wish you knew back then. Health is never to be taken lightly.

7. You will love someone like you love grandpa. He will be your all. He will be the first great grandson in the family.

8. And no, grandpa will not meet him. So please go home. Go back right now, make grandpa a cup of coffee and spend the afternoon with him. You will spend most of your life missing him, so make memories right now. There are not many men in the world like him.

9. You will be a mother. Not what you ever dreamed of or planned, but one day you will wake up and realize you have no reason not to have a family. And it will be magical.

10. Your son will be just like you, only funnier. He will drive you mad and make you proud. While you still can, tell your grandparents thank you. For taking you in, bringing you up and loving you for the spoiled only child you were. Because you will one day get a dose of you. And you will love your son more then the stars and the moon and the milky way too. Just like your grandfather loved you.

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