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Monday Listicles

Let me start by saying hello. Then sorry.

This week I was running well behind on reading your lovely lists on sounds that drive you crazy. I thought I would have plenty of time reading while camping, but the signal on my mobile was too low to load the webpages. Lesson learned. Blogging and wilderness are not meant to be. So I sat by the fire and eat way too many s’mores instead.

This week I am excited to see who you would be inviting to a dinner party. I thought this idea was the best thing since sliced bread as soon as Bridget suggested it. But then I had a mild panic attack. Would I have to cook? Do they have to bring plus one? Must I then clean the house and wash my hair? And would it be so wrong if I just invited my late grandpa and hung out with him at our favorite picnic spot?

Anyhow I thought of people I would love to ask questions about their life and work, so here is my list. You spin it any way you want. Thank you Bridget for a splendid topic choice!

Next week Lisa will be choosing a topic for us. I had a sneak peak and I am telling you it is a great one!!

But first, my guests of honor. At a catered dinner under the starts. With my grandpa as my plus one. And if you are unsure who they are, answers are on the bottom.
Let me see if your party will be as happening as mine!



2. and 3.







10. YOU!

ǝɯɐu ɹnoʎ ʇɹǝsuı ˙0⇂ ǝuıɥɔuɐlɐq ǝƃɹoǝƃ ˙6 oʞɥʇoɹ ʞɹɐɯ ˙8 sǝɹǝuǝƃǝp uǝllǝ ˙ㄥ ǝplıʍ ɹɐɔso ˙9 oʇıʇ-zoɹq dısoɾ ˙ގ uossǝɹq-ɹǝıʇɹɐɔ ıɹuǝɥ ˙ㄣ ʇuɐɹƃ ʎɹɐɔ puɐ uɹnqdǝɥ ʎǝɹpnɐ ˙ᄐ puɐ ˙ᄅ ɟɹoʇloɥ ɹǝɥʇunƃ ˙⇂

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