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Take a picture

I am all about capturing the moment.

For the longest time my son did not share my passion for photography. In fact it was a constant battle to get him to stay still long enough to click a picture or two.

Then along came my phone and Instagram. All of the sudden he could see the photo as soon as I took it. Slowly he begun excepting me taking photos of him. Then he started posing without being begged. Next he started suggesting what to photograph. And how!

The most common thing I have been hearing lately is ” Mommy look at this! Take a picture!”

It is music to my ears, off course. Just as I love the fact that he enjoys LEGOs as much as I did and wants to play libraries like I used to, his new found passion for photography brings us even closer.

Last week we went to Seattle. He usually brings his books with him to kill time in the car. He forgot. So he asked me if I could give him my phone. He spend nearly two hours quietly flicking through my photo library. Every now and then he would say ” I really like this one you took.” or “I love your pictures Mommy.”

It was the best compliment I have ever received.

Take my picture

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.

~~Omar Khayyam

Little White Whale

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