Monday Listicles


I am keeping this short and sweet. Because, well, I can.

I think a big, huge, humongous HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Robbie’s daughter is in order! Also thank you all for helping me remember why birthday is in fact a very special and happy occasion. I will remember that when I turn 23 next time 🙂

Right this very minute my husband is watching something on TV that is driving me insane. Have you noticed how annoying music in those action movies is if you are not looking at the screen? Just me? Well let me see what sounds drive you mad!

My friend and famous blogger Bridget had a wonderful idea for a listicle and we are doing it next week: 10 PEOPLE LIVING OR DEAD YOU WOULD INVITE TO A DINNER PARTY.
Have fun with it. I have some men in my mind already and I am pretty sure my husband will not be my plus one!

First: let me see if you can top my 10 most annoying sounds!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Whining.

2. Chalk on chalkboard. Or nails! Or teeth!!

3. Fake nails tappin on the keyboard. Specially at DMV. While you are in a queue. Forever.

4. Fork against a plate. Or knife.

5. Lawnmower on a Sunday morning. That one and only time your child decides to sleep in.

6. The Skyrim game character on Xbox that keeps telling my husband she will carry his burden.

7. Jane the GPS lady telling you to turn around ASAP.

8. Any song playing while you are on hold.

9. Seagulls. Like this:

10. Caillou.

Scavenger Hunt

Time for a hunt.

1. Paint
2. Green
3. Eyelashes
4. Shapes
5. Clouds

1. Paint

2. Green

3. Eyelashes

4. Clouds

5. Shapes


That one time…

We had a lovely, young and talented house guest. He had many virtual friends. Many of those friends lived in Seattle and a few of them decided to organize an Instameet. Luck would have it they all came up to our island.

And that is how we ended up there today.

Here are some undeniable facts:

– people who connect through social media and blogging tend to have a lot in common once they meet in real life.

– it is amazing that something as simple as square snaps of daily life can bring people together.

– being a part of an online community, be it blogging or gramming or apps on facebook means a lot to people.

– Instagram is just plain and simple fabulous.

But more then ever before walking around with perfect strangers today trying to capture a fun shot confirmed what has been on my mind a lot lately.

Online life is taking over way too much of our actual life. People have an unhealthy attitude toward social media that seems to be similar to the one we have had with money in the past century. It is all about the numbers, the quantity, the race to win. More, more, more. We look at our stats on our blog, how many comments there are, how many likes on Facebook, how many followers on Twitter. How many people admired our photograph on Instagram.

I met amazing young talent today. Turns out they are all famous and influential Instagramers. Apparently I was the only person on the planet not following them. I watched them plan and execute the perfect shot and publish it, only to have thousands of people instantly like it and wish they could do the same. As they said good bye and left for mainland I was happy to be holding my son’s hand and watching my dog swim. I returned home , helped Little J build a police station with LEGOs and pulled the bins to the curb for morning pick up.

Surely you have noticed lately I have been slow. In returning comments, publishing posts, reading you blogs. Summer is my busiest time of the year, with many photo sessions booked. But the real reason is I feel burned out. Being on Twitter and Instagram is like communicating with 2000 people every day. Impossible! Blogging is like reading a novel every day. Impossible!

At the end of the day what truly matters is family, neighbors and friends. My dog, my horse and the bins I mustn’t forget to take care of. Our health and happiness.

It is all very well to have a lot of people admire ones work and believe in ones talent. It might even feel nice when someone is star struck in your presence. And it certainly must be fun to be young and jump like this.


But I have reached the point where I will gladly take the photo of the Instagramers and bid them farewell.

PS: Thank you all for following me and my work. For sharing my good times, liking my photos, commenting on my blog. Thank you Cindy Urban Pickering for always brightening up my day.
I might either need a nap or more coffee. Or both.