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Monday Listicles

We are back. Test Listicling.

Let me start by giving Ellen and Erin, The Sensible moms, a big shout out for choosing a smashing topic that was so much fun to write a list for last week. As you can tell I am avoiding writing the title, because I think I finally stopped humming that silly tune. Yes, that one. You are welcome. Thanks again ladies.

I am so very excited about next week. My dear neat and orderly friend Kim is going to call the topic for us. Your mission, should you choose to except it, is to find Kim’s blog among the linked bellow, find out what she chose and write it. Easy peasy. In case you do not know the super funny Kim Pugliano, remember G is Silent.

Right here, right now, show me what $1000 will buy you!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!





1. Gas up.

2. Drive down to Mount St. Helens.

3. Spend the night at the campsite. Or two. Or three.

4. Take a helicopter tour and fly over the lava dome.

5. Stop in IKEA and buy the stuffed carrot toy.

6. Stop in Seattle and have sushi in Japonessa.

7. Go to Pike Place Market and get half dozen donuts with sprinkles.

8. Stop at the delicatessen and stock up on Slovenian dark chocolate with sea salt.

7. Sit down at a coffee shop and watch the world go by.

8. Cheesecake.

9. Stop at a LEGO store on our way home and blow the rest of the money.

10. One more latte and scone for the road.

Apparently I should have said $10.000…

Mt St Helens steaming October 2004

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